Designing Attractive Custom Packaging is Easier than You Think

By now, every marketer should know the importance of custom packaging, but there’s an even more important question faced by those that are already working in the field: how exactly can we achieve a unique design? Almost any idea that we can think of has already been done hundreds of times over, so is there really anything unique about custom packaging anymore? If there are still plenty of opportunities to stand out, how do we find them?

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These are practical questions, and if you have been in marketing long enough, you know how potent they are and how difficult it is to find answers to them. However, taking a cue from industry experts in marketing and packaging, we are going to highlight certain aspects of effective packaging that should help in making your products stand out, without having to try too hard.

Work with Your Packaging Provider

Nobody has more ideas regarding successful product packaging, than the very suppliers who design, manufacture and deliver several different types of packages for multiple clients on a regular basis. Consult with The Packaging Lab for ideas and use their on-site graphic designing tool to create the kind of package that you want for your products. With their guidance and experience, anyone should be able to design and order the right type of custom packaging in no time.

The Packaging Doesn’t Have to be Totally Unique

Whichever industry you operate in, know that businesses have been packaging products for years before you, and unless it’s a relatively novel field of business, there is a high probability that someone has already tried what you are thinking. Contrary to what one may conclude from this, this is good news!

Instead of having to try and find what type of packing works for a brand-new product that nobody has seen much of, you now have access to hundreds, if not thousands of ideas to draw your own inspirations from. Make a list of the most successful products in the sector, see how the respective companies packaged those items, and add your own personal design elements to the packaging ideas that you like most.

Personalised ribbons also are also good options for packaging solutions for businesses throughout the confectionery, cosmetic, floristry, textile and gifting sectors.

Mix Multiple Design Elements Together from Existing and/or Past Products

As an alternative to following just one design idea, you can mix and match by incorporating two or more different, but successful, packaging choices into your own design. It is true that unique designs catch the eye, but nobody said that you have to reinvent the wheel either! Don’t make the mistake of outright copying a successful brand’s packaging though, because that will make your product feel like a cheap knock off of the original.

As suggested, draw inspiration from, and implement the basic, packaging designs of multiple successful products, but do add your own customizations as well.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t try to innovate completely on your own if you do indeed have completely original ideas, but just in case that is proving to be difficult, now you know how to solve the problem. Catching the customer’s eye is more important than trying out something new that you are not sure about implementing on a massive scale yet, because novel ideas in marketing have bombed before.

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