Factors to Consider for Developing a Mobile App at the Lowest Cost Possible

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Developing a mobile application is a complex process that requires thorough planning and cost breakdown. Unless you are technically skilled, you should consider talking to an app design firm.

How much does it cost to create an app? Well, there are two aspects of the development that will predominantly affect the price of the final product – technical and organizational.

Target Platform

Before getting to work on an app, it is crucial to determine the target platform. Will it be an Android or an iOS app? Costs for creating and publishing an Android app are generally lower, yet there may be issues with the low-profile target market. On the other hand, developing an iOS app may prove to be a more reliable choice in the long run, despite the higher developing and publishing costs.

The number of features and complexity of an app design also strongly influence the end price. The development of a simple app takes from 400 hours and starts at around $20,000, with both time and money increasing as the app becomes more feature heavy.

Organizing development process affects cost

The manner in which the development process is organized will also take its toll. It is possible to choose between outsourcing, which is generally cheaper, and in-house production, which allows for more control over the process but is more resource demanding.

The outsourcing option is further divided into a freelance option and a development company option. While the first one is more low-cost, the second shields from quality and management issues. Lastly, the origin of app developers also strongly alters the expenses. Indian developers charge a minimum for their work, ranging from $10 to $90 per hour, whereas American developers are known for their whooping rates up to $250 per hour.

The expenses, however, do not cease at the point of the development finished. Faulty apps could cost a fortune, so it is necessary to invest in app testing. Furthermore, inevitable post-production costs that include promotion and maintenance of the app constitute approximately 20% of the app development expenses.

Making a preliminary needs analysis and careful planning before starting the development process can save one from unnecessary expenses and worries.


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