DFS Football: Newbies Guide to Forming a Successful Fantasy Line-up

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Fantasy football is insanely addictive, especially now that the 2020 NFL campaign is happening. It will not only allow fantasy sports fans to fulfill their dreams of forming a dream team, but it also helps them earn money. DFS football brings massive fantasy betting games.  Once done correctly, you’ll surely bring home the most mouthwatering bacon.

In a 17-Week Playoff schedule, sports fans can indeed see a long road to tackle in playing DFS football. There is much homework to do, especially in getting updated with each teams’ scheduled match-ups. Not only that, bettors must learn how to study each player’s performance to pick the right talents in fantasy sports.

While it’s fun and exciting to play DFS football, newbie bettors might find this a bit challenging. Starting on how to do Fantasy NFL picks, selecting a trusted bookie, and knowing the rules, these things are needed to fulfill your fantasy plays. To get you guided on how to play DFS football, here’s how to create a winning fantasy roster in the on-going season.

First Game Doesn’t Matter

Football fans and fantasy bettors are in high spirits, especially in the opening game. It is where the first game takes place and should be based on how the teams will progress towards the season.

When you pick the players for your next fantasy team, don’t worry about the first game. Even if they lost, it does not mean they can’t bounce back. You still have to consider the individual figures as it measures how well they can perform the entire season.

Form A Line-Up

It may be easy to say but forming a DFS football line-up is demanding. You can’t only rely on how the player performs in the current match. You have to know how well he did in the preseason as well as the drafting. Also, forming a DFS football team is like having a real group playing in the field, so you must fill in the needed positions and reserve players.

Be Mindful Of Bye Weeks

Bye weeks are times where the player can miss the match or will take a rest. It is a significant factor you must consider when playing DFS football. If the best players are taking a bye week,  take your time to scout and decide whether you will replace, retain, or trade players. Make sure to do this in advance so you can form a winning team.

Begin Utilizing Your Stud Players

When you begin to play DFS football, you need to use your stud players right away. Studs are the fantasy picks you made that you think are excellent in scoring. Obviously, you won’t choose these players to be part of your team if you think they can’t deliver. You should use them most of the time in all your DFS football plays.

Pay Attention To Real NFL Games

As stated, the DFS football plays are based on the real NFL games. The players you can pick are based on the current campaign. To fulfill your dream of selecting the right players that can help you win, make sure to pay attention to the real NFL games.

With this, you can stay updated with the player injury reports, current statistics, schedule match-ups, etc. You should know everything that is happening in all corners of the NFL world. When you do this, you are a step ahead of other DFS football bettors and can win substantially.

Be Careful Of Trade Players

DFS bettors are not merely laying out teams and money just to gamble. Their goal is to beat everyone and make sure to win the highest prize at stake. They are doing all the efforts to secure the studs or even utilize reserve players that can equate the same performance.

One thing that other DFS bettors do to lure other players so they can win is to trade players. If someone offers you a trade to let go of your studs, you should think twice. Remember that these DFS players are doing the best trick to win. Do not automatically give up your best player trading for someone who may contribute to your loss.

Have Fun And Keep On Learning

As a newbie DFS bettor, there is a bigger world to know about DFS football. Although you have known the basics, the NFL is anyone’s ballgame, and each player has the time to shine. When you play, make sure to have fun and learn new strategies to stay a step ahead of your game.


DFS football demands not only time and effort but a considerable amount of money. When competing with other DFS players, whether the pro or neophytes, it’s good to understand first how this game works. If you’re done, make sure to apply the tips listed above to initiate a triumphant and victorious DFS football line-up.

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