DGT E-Boards – Worth The Money?

DGT e-boards is a transformation in the chess world. These fast and accurate chess input devices for your PC/computer. You can use the devices for registering and recording games. You can also use it for other activities such as online play, training, live game transmission, game analysis, and computer play. 

E-boards are now a common part of DGT chess sets of individual and international chess tournaments. But one aspect is true about these devices: they are luxury chess elements. You need to dig deeper into your pocket to own one of them. So, you might be wondering is it worth spending your cash on an e-board? Read on to know.

Opportunity to play online

Are you seeking a way to rely on your games via the internet? A DGT e-board comes in handy to help you realize this objective. The devices allow you to compete with an opponent online. You can participate in various chess tournaments such as playchess.com and Chess.com.  

Also, the e-board allows you to play against the chess programs and engines. The boards eliminate delays that enhance your online gaming experience. Whether you are a student, teacher, or chess star, you always have a chance to play online.

Registering and recording chess games

Tracking your progress is a crucial aspect of a chess player. You want to understand your moves and tactics in the past games and tournaments. With this information, you can improve or utilize tricks that enhanced your winning opportunities. 

The e-boards enable you to achieve this goal. These devices can register and record every move. This aspect enables you to retrieve your records and analyze them using various software to determine areas requiring improvements.  

Bluetooth connection 

Luxury and flexibility is the desire of every person. This aspect is no different for chess players. You want to play your games while relaxing on your couch or enjoying the breeze on your balcony. However, this would be impossible when your board uses a USB connection. 

The DGT e-boards support your flexibility needs by offering a Bluetooth connection. The Bluetooth can work within a range of 10 meters with minimal or zero delays. So, you can enjoy your game in the comfort of your living space.  

Focusing on the game not monitor

Sometimes, playing chess can be demanding. You have to keep your eyes on the board as you focus on the monitor to view your opponents’ moves. This aspect causes numerous distractions and affects your concentration on the game. 

The e-board provides a distraction-free arena allowing you to enjoy your game. You only need to focus on the board. With the help of a chess clock – which you buy separately-, you can view your opponent’s moves without looking on the monitor. This way, you will up your game by studying your opponents’ moves and taking the right positions.

Picochess on PI or acidape

Apps are a new norm in every sphere and chess is not left out. Acidape is among the top chess apps that players use to play against the computer or online interface. The DGT e-boards allow you to use apps to game against an online interface that with icc, lichess, and other servers or computers. Also, you can play picochess using PI. All these aspects make your chess experience amazing.

Wrapping Up

With these great features and abilities, you can confirm that the DGT e-boards are worth it. The board will transform your chess gaming experience. It will help you win the next tournament. So, if you got the cash, you should consider getting one. However, if your budget does not allow it, you can keep using the traditional boards. 

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