Diablo II Resurrected Runes Guide 

In this article I will explain exactly what Runes are, how to make Runewords, how to farm for said Runes as well as the benefit of buying Runes in Diablo II: Resurrected. 

Introduction to Runes

So…Diablo II: Resurrected. There are few remakes or remasters that truly stand out for me like this one. I have been playing it since release, and participated in the betas as well and let me tell you. I’m really enjoying this game. The nostalgia along with seeing everything in a 4k remastered look, is pure bliss. Blizzard Entertainment really outdid themselves with this one. One problem I find though, is that new players have trouble creating Runewords correctly. Runes have to be in the correct sequence to correct a Runeword. Runes take time to get use to and understand, but can drastically improve your character. What exactly are Runes? Runes are small socket-able inscribed stones that can be used for:

  • Adding specific properties to armor or weapons, if socketed individually 
  • Creating Runewords, which are more powerful than Runes, if socketed in a sequence

Runes and Runewords were introduced in Diablo 2’s expansion, Lord of Destruction. Bear in mind that Runes have a minimum character level. If you are lower than the level of the Rune, you cannot use it. Runes also have different properties and effects based on whether you socket them into armor, shields or weapons. 

How to get Runes?

Runes can drop pretty much anywhere in Diablo 2: Resurrected, from monsters to chests, regardless of the selected difficulty. However, the higher the difficulty, the higher-level Rune you will find. Keep in mind that Magic Find does not affect Runes drop in any way. 

There are specific areas/bosses you can farm to increase the rate of which they drop, but that will be explained further on, so keep reading! Once you have acquired Runes, you can:

  • Socket them into a weapon or armor piece to obtain a desired perk
  • Keep them to create a Runeword
  • Sell/trade them
  • Use them to repair damaged items. (x1 Ral Rune + damaged item)

You can also trade with other players or you can buy Runes right here from SSEGold.com. It’s cheap, fast and super reliable.  

Why should you buy Runes? Well, if you are like me, then maybe you don’t have time to farm for Runes. Not having the right Runewords on higher difficulties might prove to be too challenging for you, making playing the game, not so fun. Buying Runes can save you time, prevent frustration and help make your playthrough quicker, allowing for speed runs. (If you into that sort of thing.)

Should you wish to remove Runes from your socketed gear, you can do that too. Just use the following combination at the Horadric Cube. (Please note: This will destroy everything in ALL the sockets)

Recipe: 1x Socketed Item + x1 Hel Rune + x1 Scroll of Town Portal.

Below is a table of available Runes in Diablo II: Resurrected:

Rune Name Required level Upgrade recipe Weapon effect bonus Armor effect bonus
El Level 11  Not Applicable
  • +50 attack rating
    +1 light radius
  • +15 defense
    +1 light radius
Eld Level 11 x3 El
  • +75% damage to undead
    +50 attack rating against undead
  • 15% slower stamina drain
    +7% chance to block (shield)
Tir Level 13 x3 Eld
  • +2 mana after each kill
  • +2 mana after each kill
Nef Level 13 x3 Tir
  • Knockback
  • +30 missile defense
Eth Level 15 x3 Nef
  • -25% target defense
  • +15% mana regeneration
Ith Level 15 x3 Eth
  • +9 maximum damage
  • 15% damage taken goes to mana
Tal Level 17 x3 Ith
  • +75 poison damage over 5 seconds
  • +30% poison resist (35% for shield)
Ral Level 19 x3 Tal
  • Add 5-30 fire damage
  • +30% fire resist
    +35% fire resist (shield)
Ort Level 21 x3 Ral
  • Add 1-50 lightning damage
  • +30% lightning resist
    +35% lightning resist (shield)
Thul Level 23 x3 Ort
  • Add 3-14 cold damage (3 seconds)
  • +30% cold resist
    +35% cold resist (shield)
Amn Level 25 x3 Thul
Chipped topaz
  • 7% life stolen per hit
  • Attacker takes damage of 14
Sol Level 27 x3 Amn
Chipped amethyst
  • +9 minimum damage
  • Damage reduced by 7
Shael Level 29 x3 Sol
Chipped sapphire
  • 20% increased attack speed
  • 20% faster hit recovery
    20% faster block rate (shield)
Dol Level 31 x3 Shael
Chipped ruby
  • Hit causes monster to flee (25%)
  • +7 replenish life
Hel None x3 Dol
Chipped emerald
  • -20% requirements
  • -15% requirements
Io Level 35 x3 Hel
Chipped diamond
  • +10 vitality
  • +10 vitality
Lum Level 37 x3 Io
Flawed topaz
  • +10 energy
  • +10 energy
Ko Level 39 x3 Lum
Flawed amethyst
  • +10 dexterity
  • +10 dexterity
Fal Level 41 x3 Ko
Flawed sapphire
  • +10 strength
  • +10 strength
Lem Level 43 x3 Fal
Flawed ruby
  • 75% extra gold from monsters
  • 50% extra gold from monsters
Pul Level 45 x3 Lem
Flawed emerald
  • +75% damage to demons
    +100 attack rating against demons
  • +30% enhanced defense
Um Level 47 x2 Pul
Flawed diamond
  • 25% chance of open wounds
  • +15 all resistances
    +22 all resistances (shield)
Mal Level 49 x2 Um
  • Prevent monster heal
  • Magic damage reduced by 7
Ist Level 51 x2 Mal
  • +30% better magic find
  • +25% better magic find
Gul Level 53 x2 Ist
  • +20% bonus to attack rating
  • +5% to maximum poison resist
Vex Level 55 x2 Gul
  • 7% mana stolen per hit
  • +5% to maximum fire resist
Ohm Level 57 x2 Vex
  • +50% enhanced damage
  • +5% to maximum cold resist
Lo Level 59 x2 Ohm
  • +20% deadly strike
  • +5% to maximum lightning resist
Sur Level 61 x2 Lo
Flawless topaz
  • Hit blinds target
  • +5% maximum mana
    +50 mana (shields)
Ber Level 63 x2 Sur
Flawless amethyst
  • +20% chance of crushing blow
  • Damage reduced by 8%
Jah Level 65 x2 Ber
Flawless sapphire
  • Ignore target’s defense
  • +5% maximum life
    +50 life (shield)
Cham Level 67 x2 Jah
Flawless ruby
  • Freeze target +3
  • Cannot be frozen
Zod Level 69 x2 Cham
Flawless emerald
  • Indestructible
  • Indestructible


Runewords and how to make them

Runewords are powerful items that can really boost your characters abilities and power. To create a Runeword you need to combine the correct Runes, in the right sequence. Almost like a shout in Skyrim. Imagine if the iconic “Fus Ro Dah” was Fus Dah Ro. The order is everything. There are also a few rules and exceptions which doesn’t make it as easy. You must first find the right Runes to create the Runeword, then you must find a suitable weapon, shield, or armor that can accept the Runeword. The item must have the exact number of open sockets for the Runeword to work, and as stated earlier, the Runes must be placed into the socketed item in the correct order. Runewords can be equipped on any type of character, allowing for plenty of build options and different playstyles. 

Ways to farm runes

  • Secret cow level is a great place to farm for Runes. Just make sure to not kill The Cow King and keep killing the endless waves of Hell Bovines that spawn.
  • Travincal has a high drop rate for Runes and is a great place to farm.
  • The Countess has always been a top pick for farming Runes by players. She drops between 1-3 Runes.

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