Difference Between Automated Pre Roll Machine Joints and Regular Joints

Many people wonder about automated pre-roll machines, as they are not common for a lot of users. 

Although these machines have been around for a while, they are yet to find their way to small businesses and shops, let alone individuals’ homes. For that reason, users want to know what the difference between joints coming from these automated machines and those rolled by hand is. Luckily, we’ve got the answer to your question. 

This article will shed light on the topic and explain it in-depth. Keep reading.

What Are Pre-Rolled Joints?

As the name suggests, pre-rolled joints are joints that you can purchase at a store or from a re-seller, without worrying about rolling them. In other words, these joints have already been rolled for you. You will likely find them at most dispensaries and smoke shops around you. What’s more, these joints have started to go by the name pre-rolls, which makes distinguishing them much easier.

These pre-rolled joints have been created with the help of automated pre-rolling machines. Technologically innovative shops and dispensaries have started using these automatic machines, as they save time and produce joints more efficiently than human hands. For example, an automated pre roll machine by Hefestus can make as many as 2,000 cones an hour. Plus, all the joints come out looking exactly the same, sporting identical length and width.

What Are Regular Joints?

Both occasional and frequent users are probably familiar with the term “regular joints.” 

Joints, or marijuana cigarettes, as they’re sometimes called, are rolled by hand by consumers themselves. This has been the most popular way of consuming cannabis, especially before it became regulated.

Naturally, regular joints are still quite popular, but they come with a few disadvantages. For example, it takes some time and willpower to roll a few joints that will probably not come out looking the same.

Pre-Rolls vs Regular Joints

It is hard to compare the two when both of them give quite similar end results (which you can read about in this article). 

However, looking at the big picture, we realised there are more positive things to note about pre-rolled joints. Let’s see why these triumph over the regular ones.

Why You Should Use Pre-Rolls

Purchasing pre-rolls from a shop comes with plenty of advantages, mainly those concerning storability and convenience. Take, for example, this scenario: a group of friends often hangs out on the weekend. To enjoy a relaxing night with a few joints, they need to take some time to grind the product and then roll it into perfect cones. This process requires preparation and even some additional tools, which might become a nuisance over time.

On the other hand, pre-rolled joints come in packaged containers that make both the delivery and the use convenient. Although many people love the previously mentioned ritual, you have to admit that purchasing pre-rolled joints seems much easier and more accessible. They also come in a range of packages and sizes.

What to Know About Pre-Rolls

What you have to note is that cannabis has a shelf life. Whether it’s fresh or purchased as a pre-rolled joint, it will degrade over time. Cannabis that has not been used for a few months can grow mould and lose its potency and smell. However, efficient packaging and storage can prolong its shelf life slightly. That’s why pre-rolled joints are a good option.

You can extend your joints’ life even more if you use mason jars or humidity storage containers. After all, if you’ve ever been in a smoke shop, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of products come similarly packaged.

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