What is the difference between a Mastercard and a Verve card

Verve card image 1111Are you going to open a bank account? Remember, there will be a section asking you to choose the type of debit card you want. Some standard options are MasterCard, Verve, and Visa. You may not understand the difference between these cards. If you’re going to choose the best one, make sure to evaluate them according to your needs. Every card has its advantages and disadvantages. For your convenience, here is an overview:

Verve MasterCard Credit Card

Almost all cards offer similar services. They allow you to get temporary loans from your bank. Just like other cards, Verve card is available to use in the Nigerian market. This Nigerian card is excellent for pro-Naija people.

It allows you to pay bills, recharge airtime, transfer funds, etc. Feel free to use this card on domestic Nigerian websites. It is not suitable for international payments. Fortunately, you can check its balance and other details with VerveCardInfo portal. For this reason, you have to register with VerveCardInfo website.

Verve cards are protected from making any foreign payment. As a result, you will get more protection from frauds. Moreover, Verve users can get some discounts. These cards are cheaper than most others on the market today. Numerous banks charge almost N700 for issuance. See some highlighted features of Verve cards.

  • They are flexible, so feel free to use them on multiple channels, such as POS and Web terminals, ATMs, etc.
  • You can use it only on domestic websites bearing the Verve or Interswitch acceptance mark, such as Quickteller. You can’t use it for global payments.
  • Feel free to use for value-added services, such as funds transfer, shopping, bill payments, and airtime recharge.
  • Verve cardholders can get discounts. Visit their official websites to learn about discounts and make the most of these programs.
  • Banks may provide special discounts and offers to customers using a Verve card.
  • Protected funds from making any foreign payment.
  • Cheaper to get compared to other cards.

If you have a poor credit history, this card may be ideal for you. Financial experts say that it is especially useful for individuals with a bad credit score or history.


MasterCards are similar to Visa cards. Visa cards are acceptable in local and international markets. You can make purchases and pay for different services. MasterCard also has global acceptance; therefore, you can use it while traveling. You can also use it on any website, be it a domestic or foreign one, as long as it accepts cards for payment. Some banks allow you to make overseas transactions. This means that you can travel without having to exchange your money for a foreign currency.

If you are traveling with a MasterCard, you can make online payments or use ATMs. These cards have enhanced security. For this reason, there is no need to worry about fraud. The issuer provides users with special codes for added protection.

Below are some of the main features of MasterCard.

  • As with all types of plastic money, each user has a spending limit. You should make sure you stay within your limit, otherwise it could affect your credit history and credit score negatively.
  • International acceptance makes it a reliable choice for travelers. You can use it in different countries with millions of compatible websites.
  • With this EMV card, you can get the advantage of enhanced security for your transactions and funds. In numerous cases, you will get extra protection with a security code.
  • You can spend Naira because your international transactions will be debited from a Naira account. It allows you to travel without foreign exchange.
  • Users can use it on different channels, such as POS, Web, ATM, etc.

As with most types of credit cards, the issuer has a website where you can find out details about your account, including your purchase history, current balance, etc. You can even get a mobile app to speed up the whole process. Apps may also help you get access to discounts.

Unfortunately, MasterCard has a few disadvantages. The US dollar and other hard currencies are steadily rising against the Naira. This means that purchases in other currencies become dearer.

Your card may have some limits. These may serve in the form of additional protection. Remember, banks will allow you to modify these restrictions. If you need a card for international transactions, MasterCard could be a suitable choice.

Video – What is a Credit Card?

We refer to plastic cards that consumers use to buy goods and services on credit as credit cards. The issuing company pays for the purchase and the cardholder pays back the debt at a later date. Debit cards, on the other hand, take out money from you bank acccount every time you buy something.