Different Applications of AI in Online Casinos

Artificial intelligence is influencing all sorts of industries today, from automated systems that are shaping important medical research to machine learning algorithms that make predictions about the ups and downs of the financial markets.

Online casinos are no different, and yet the average player will probably be completely unaware that AI is involved in the gambling games they play. To remedy this, here is a look at just a few of the roles that AI fulfills in an online casino context.

Detecting cheaters

For as long as casinos have existed, there have been people out there looking to exploit weaknesses in the games played in order to get an unfair advantage over the house.

This is as true in the digital sphere as it is in land-based casinos, so will AI be able to predict how slots work? Theoretically yes, although more important is the part that machine learning solutions play in protecting operators from cheaters, rather than enabling those malicious third parties.

Being able to track customer behavior automatically, look out for any suspicious activities and step in to prevent attempts to subvert online casino games or otherwise tamper with the tightly-controlled experience makes life easier for those responsible for site security.

AI can be put to work to pinpoint everything from unusual betting patterns in sportsbook scenarios, to seeing whether exploits are being used for games as varied as poker and slots.

And of course while cheaters may be constantly developing more sophisticated ways to pull the wool over the eyes of online casino services, the fact that AI can learn, adapt and improve over time means that the playing field is far more level.

Enhancing the customer experience

Legitimate online casino customers have nothing to fear from AI; quite the opposite, in fact, as sites are leveraging automated solutions to continually improve the quality of the experience to which they have access.

The most obvious and conspicuous example of this comes in the form of the AI chatbots that are now commonplace not only in online casinos but also on all sorts of other business websites, including e-commerce.

Chatbots are perfectly suited to answering customer questions and dealing with basic administrative duties, without the need for a human operator to be available. This makes getting support essentially seamless, while still meaning that more complex queries can be offloaded to flesh and blood team members as necessary.

AI’s role in improving the customer experience goes much deeper than this, and again it comes down to the vast analytical powers of machine learning algorithms. Being able to crunch the numbers and come up with new optimizations for everything from the user interface of casino apps to the way that deals and offers are formulated is good for players and operators alike.

That is not to say that achieving any of this has been impossible in the past, but rather that AI makes it far less time-consuming, costly and resource-intensive.

Encouraging responsible gambling

While gambling is a pastime that plenty of people enjoy harmlessly, there are those for whom it becomes an addiction, as damaging as any other form of serious compulsion.

Industry regulators and casino operators alike have made major steps towards combating problem gambling of this kind, and one of the key maneuvers involves early detection of the signs of addiction so that action can be taken to assist those in need.

This is where AI data analytics is once again an asset, since it is capable of picking up on the hidden signals in a player’s behavior and stepping in to stop problem gamblers from pushing their finances too far and using services that are only going to exacerbate things.

The gradual yet persistent escalation of wagering and credit-seeking from casino sites is one aspect that AI can look into and assess with ease, meaning that accounts can automatically be suspended or removed altogether to better protect players from addiction, all with the operators needing to rely on the vigilance of human employees.

Paving a way to a brighter future

Ultimately the involvement of AI in the online casino industry will continue to evolve and grow in exciting and unpredictable ways, as the power of machine learning is partly so appealing because of the way it can be used to glean insights that no living analyst could detect on their own.

The benefits for players and operators are already apparent, and the strength of the market will no doubt be bolstered by the application of AI to the challenges that have not yet been overcome.

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