Different Types of Virtual Team Building Events That Can Be Held Online For Remote Employees

In the current world, remote work is becoming more popular. Having virtual team-building activities is the best way to ensure you keep the team together. So, what team-building activities can you enjoy online? Keep on reading!

Play Pitch Me

This is a great team-building undertaking for marketing crews. It is a game-like space where you have to formulate the best sales pitch for a commodity. The items can be anything you can think of.

If you have trouble organizing and choosing virtual activities, hire online team-building organizers. They have plenty of virtual team building events suitable for any team. They have the resources that will ensure your team has the best event without leaving the comfort of their homes. Working with them will give you peace of mind knowing that your team will have the best online team-building event.

Parade of Homes

You can play this game to let team members see the interiors of homes. Human beings are naturally curious. Everyone likes to see how other people live. Your house shows your personality.

So, if you have a small team, create a time where each member takes a turn to give a virtual tour of their house. You can have each person do a tour during weekly meetings. Since too much at once can be overwhelming. However, do not force a team member to participate if they do not feel like it. Some employees may not feel comfortable showing their homes.

Ice Breaker Questions

Playing icebreaker questions gets your teammates in a better mood. These are questions fronted in quick succession. When the game is played together, it helps employees know each other better. Try playing this game at the start of your virtual meeting to lighten things up. Some of the questions to ask include:

  •                     What is the most challenging thing about working online?
  •                     What did you have for breakfast?
  •                     What does your morning routine involve?
  •                     What is the worst and best advice you have heard?

Truth or Lie

This is an online activity that can take between 30 to 50 minutes. Truth or lie is an exciting game to help team members get to know each other better. Each participant shares with the team some intriguing facts about themselves, with one being a lie. The other team members will try to guess which one is a lie.

This is an excellent game to help build team spirit. Furthermore, it helps everyone know more about their workmates’ hobbies or quirks. You can play this game through video conference with 5-20 remote team members.

Team Novel

Assign your team members a novel to read. Once they have read the story, they have to take turns telling the story. Each member has to tell his or her part, and the next person continues from where the previous person has stopped.

Holding remote team-building activities will help your team grow stronger. In the end, you will have more successful collaboration between workers. So, if you are considering having online team-building events, take note of the above games.

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