Digital Banners in a Technological Age – Social Media Proven to Play a Big Part in Business Development

When it comes to social media, it’s fair to say that it gets mixed reviews in the media. There are endless reports about how it negatively impacts mental health, has dulled our social communication, and not to mention the way it’s taken over the lives of kids today. But have you ever stopped to think about how it’s positively impacted us?

It’s made it easier than ever to contact friends and family – regardless of where they are in the world, and it’s given us a larger awareness of the world around us, with news bulletins popping up as notifications in real time. But above all, it’s played an enormous part in the way that businesses in 2019 develop.

It’s been proven that social media now plays an enormous role in business marketing and development, so much so that many entrepreneurs couldn’t picture life without it. Today we’re going to be taking a look at exactly how social media is playing a big part in the development of business.

Digital banners social media article image 432llReaching a Wider Audience is Easier than Ever

Whereas once upon a time your most important decision would have been finding out the best banner sizes to use in order to advertise your business or products, nowadays the process is a lot simpler. Of course, that’s not to undermine the effectiveness of billboards and banners as they’re still entirely relevant, it’s just that now it’s not the only way of reaching a wide audience.

The number of people who use social media on a daily basis has grown dramatically over the last five years, with even youngsters getting on board as young as ten. This means whoever your audience is, you’re likely to be able to reach them on social media.

But it’s not just about age – it’s about location too. You can reach people on the other side of the country – and even the other side of the world – with the click of a button on social media sites. The further your business spreads, the larger it becomes, and the more successful you’re likely to be. Simple!

It Costs Nothing

Starting a business can be expensive, there’s no doubt about that. In the early days or at least the first couple of months of your start up, chances are your expenses are going to cost more than you’re making on income – and that’s normal. True, there are lots of money saving techniques you can use to make sure you don’t overspend, but wouldn’t it be good if you could get something for free? Well, social media can give you the gift of exactly that.

Whereas it used to cost, regardless of how you wanted to advertise, nowadays social media is one of the best advertising platforms there is. And what’s even better, it’s entirely free.

Let’s use Facebook as our example. There is a tool where you can set up a business page in order to communicate with potential clients and advertise your products – and there’s even a section where they can leave reviews, and you can invite people to like the page. All of this, is entirely free.

This can act as a website, a communicator AND a marketing tool as you start up. Save on the early expenses and use Facebook instead! You’ll be surprised at how many success stories started as a humble Facebook page.

It Connects You to Younger Generations

Young people and social mediaAs previously mentioned, it’s generally the rule that social media is used by all generations – and that’s the truth. However, it’s without a doubt one of the best ways to connect with the youth of today.

If somethings on social media, then youngsters are more likely to find it credible – it’s sad in a way, but true. Because of this, if your product is aimed at their age range, it’s the perfect place to promote it. Put it this way, if you can get popular on Instagram, and better yet get influencers on side, your stuff will be selling like hotcakes. Trust us.

It’s a Good Communicator

Last of all, but by no means least, it’s a good – if not great – communicator.

Whereas once upon a time we had to wait a number of business days for email or letter replies, the wonder of direct message has made this all the more instant – meaning if consumers have an enquiry, any good businessperson can get back to you straight away. This builds a good level of trust between business and potential client, and makes for more successful business relationships all round. Social media, joining people together – who knew!


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