Why Digital Marketing is Important for Expanding Your Construction Business?

Digital Marketing construction business image 98733322222$1.23 trillion – That’s the US’ total construction spend for 2017. Staggering? Not really!

Construction is one of those industries which go through thick and thin but refuse to fade away. People used to build houses in the 18th century and they continue to do the same in the year 2019 as well. Hands down, the demand for good construction firms is real.


  • The industry is now populated with new construction firms posing serious competition on each other.
  • This has forced 75% of construction businesses to take the online route for promoting their services.

Do you see how things are changing? With the emergence of the internet as the prime mode of communication, online presence and activity have both become crucial for businesses for a number of reasons, the most important of which are mentioned below.


One great way in which digital marketing will help your construction business grow is by enabling it to make more of its prospects aware.

Brand awareness is one of the most important parts of engaging consumers earlier in the buying process.

Basically, because, while everybody knowing about your firm may not immediately sign a construction contract with you, being aware of your brand’s functionality, they’ll know that you are a good option to go to.


83% of businesses agree that digital marketing helped them convert more.

Do you see any reason why it will not work for your construction business?

Digital marketing when done right can drive in a huge lot of conversions for your construction business.

For example, organizations like Marketers for Contractors, help construction and home service companies attract more leads by leveraging the power of digital marketing.

They optimize campaigns for your construction brand to perform greatly in the search engine results, social media platforms and on display advertisement platforms, ultimately boosting conversion rates.


Another great advantage of investing in digital marketing is that it lets you connect better with your audience.

For example, at times your prospects or your existing customers may want to reach out to you for one thing or the other. In cases like these, being active on a social media platform will let you address their needs and interests directly by talking to them.

This is also great for boosting engagement for your brand. You can also participate in social discussions on social media regarding your business niche.

TIP: Answering popular questions in forums and on platforms like Quora can boost your construction firm’s credibility dramatically.


Marketing for the major part is about using the existing intel and earning more of it for optimizing both present and future campaigns.

But is it all that easy to collect this information?

While collecting this data against your offline marketing campaigns may get you in a sweat, for digital marketing, it’s way easier.

All digital marketing platforms like Facebook, Google AdWords, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, etc provide insights regarding any given campaign.

For example, if you just promoted your construction firm using Facebook ads, targeting your audience as you know them, the campaign will produce some results, indicating how successful or unsuccessful it turned out to be. Also, along with these results, the platform’s (in this case Facebook Ads) adverts manager will provide you categorized data about your audience based on their gender, age group, geographical location, interests and a lot more.

This will make you aware of your audience’s interests so you’ll know what type of content can work better for them.

You can use this intel to optimize both your online and offline marketing campaigns.

Final words

As you plan on taking your construction business to unmatchable heights, it’s important to harness the power of digital marketing to do so.

In this post, you read about why exactly is digital marketing so important for expanding your construction business. Hopefully, this makes you aware and helps you scale your construction firm.