Digital Marketing Expert Dmitrii Khasanov Explains How to Increase Sales in 2024

In a dynamic marketing environment characterized by rapid changes driven by a combination of advancing technology, innovation, and shifting markets, contemporary leaders need to actively harness their marketing potential. Achieving this requires a willingness to be open-minded and adapt strategies to embrace the ongoing transformations.

In 2024, a new wave of opportunities and challenges emerges, offering marketers strategic decisions regarding their time, resources, and budgets. Dmitrii Khasanov, a digital marketing guru and the founder of Melandia agency, shares insights on how businesses can enhance sales through a robust campaign in 2024. Drawing from the successes observed with some of his clients, Dmitrii highlights four crucial trends that marketers should consider incorporating into their growth strategies or, at the very least, closely monitoring throughout the year.

Develop self-service options 

In 2024, it’s important for brands to focus on self-service to meet the increasing expectation of instant experiences from consumers. Create user-friendly FAQ pages, help centers, and knowledge bases so that potential customers can easily find answers to common questions whenever they need.

Take it a step further by developing online dashboards that allow customers to manage their accounts, track orders, and handle subscriptions on their own. When done well, these self-service options not only provide a smooth and empowering experience for customers but also free up internal teams for more valuable interactions. By enabling customers to help themselves 24/7, brands can stay in tune with modern expectations and enhance overall satisfaction.

To speed up query resolution, consider replacing the traditional support model with a knowledge base. This resource should contain clear answers to commonly asked questions, including examples, visuals, explanations, and links to additional resources. This approach ensures customers get immediate and comprehensive assistance, avoiding the wait for support responses.

Give a try to micro & nano influencers and user-generated content 

UGC, or User-Generated Content, refers to content created by your customers, such as reviews, testimonials, and social media posts. It serves as a potent tool for building trust and credibility with potential customers, offering an authentic glimpse into your business and showcasing genuine interactions to foster authenticity. UGC empowers brands to leverage the influence of satisfied customers, tapping into peer recommendations to create new ones.

Micro and nano influencers, on the other hand, are social media users with smaller follower counts, typically ranging from 1000 to 100,000 followers. Despite their smaller reach, micro-influencers often boast more engaged audiences compared to larger influencers. They can be particularly effective for promoting your brand within a specific niche. When considering a partnership with a micro or nano-influencer for brand awareness or sales promotion, ensure they align with your niche, provide a solid return on investment, and have a genuine following (avoid those with fake or ghost-followers to make the most of your marketing budget).

Do not be afraid of paid media 

The shift to digital has made paid media more vital than ever for reaching audiences. With people spending more time online, brands should use paid ads on platforms like social media, search, and display.

Test different ad formats and placements to see what works best for your goals. Focus on high-performing platforms and optimize for key metrics like cost per click and conversion rate. Digital paid media allows for precise audience targeting and personalization.

Try cross-channel digital marketing campaigns

To excel in cross-platform marketing, prioritize setting clear goals, tailoring content for each platform, and striking the right balance between paid and organic strategies. Embrace the distinctive features of each platform while maintaining a consistent brand identity to amplify the effectiveness of your campaigns. Investing in cross-channel digital marketing campaigns is a smart move to enhance sales and establish trust and credibility with your target audience. Begin by achieving success on one platform, then replicate those successful strategies on others. This approach cultivates a dynamic and captivating online brand presence, broadening your audience and increasing conversions.

To stay on top of changing markets and trends, don’t feel pressured to constantly chase the next big thing. Instead, allocate a portion of your time and budget to run small tests with different programs—whether new or optimized existing ones. See what works, and expand successful tests into larger, ongoing programs. This way, you can adapt effectively and integrate successful strategies into your existing toolbox.