Digital Marketing in 2021: How You Can Make Data Science Work for You

We live in a world of widely available information and in a time where companies and consumers alike have been forced to course-correct in the wake of a deadly pandemic. The integration of most aspects of life with online spaces has only sped up with the advent of COVID-19, and consumers are now becoming used to doing everything online: shopping for groceries, socializing with friends, and completing work from remote settings.

Digital Marketing in 2021 - How You Can Make Data Science Work for You
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While at first no doubt appearing frightening to businesses, as they had to make rapid adjustments to their business models to adjust to COVID (and some had trouble with that), this is actually an opportunity in disguise for digitally savvy corporations. The already transparent nature of the internet combined with the legions of consumers who now have to conduct all transactions online means that an already massive amount of consumer data has grown exponentially bigger.

In addition to the information consumers freely post online, like their interests and the products they choose to buy, corporations with the right software can track their activity across websites, mapping out their preferences quickly and painlessly.

This information is widely available and at the fingertips of companies small and large – all they need is someone who can read it, and show them how to use it to develop a digital marketing strategy.

Data Scientists: What They Are and What They Can Do for You

What is a Data Scientist.
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These people are known as data scientists, and they make up the beating heart of any successful marketing campaign. Data scientists’ job is to take large amounts of distinct data points from a variety of sources, detect patterns and trends in that data, and then translate that into an experimental model. From there, they use AI, machine learning, and different types of analytic procedures to run several possibilities through that model, determining through repeated testing what will be most successful for their company.

Their job is to explore all potential outcomes, testing their model from every angle and fine-tuning it as they go so when their final decision is handed to their parent company, their parent company can rest secure in it.

Data scientists are in such high demand because without them, corporations have no way to measure the success of their marketing campaigns, nor how to change course if their attempts at advertising fall flat. They are the augurs which companies consult to divine the future, and their methods are reliable enough that most data scientists are paid handsomely for it.

Looking Into Switching Professions? Check Out Data Science Bootcamps

There’s a not-insignificant number of people out there looking to switch jobs (perhaps you’ve heard of the so-called “labor shortage”); if you, reader, happen to be one of them, and something about the description above called out to you and sounded like a good fit, you might want to consider switching to a data science profession. With the worldwide time of transition facing us, there’s never been a better time, and the demand for data scientists is constantly growing.

You could always go the collegiate route, but many of us who’ve been there don’t have the time or money to spend on another 2 to 4-years of university education. In that case, a good alternative might be to enroll in a data science bootcamp. Data science bootcamps are fast-paced educational programs that usually cost at or about the level of a semester at most colleges and get you career-ready in 10 to 36 weeks, depending on the curriculum you choose.

They have full-time and part-time options to suit any lifestyle, and depending on which provider you go with, they can also provide mentorship, networking opportunities, and training in a number of specialized fields.

Read the Bones, Roll in the Dough

It seems unlikely that the world will be returning to a pre-pandemic version of “normal” anytime soon, and even then, data scientists were becoming more and more valuable. In a post-COVID world, there’s no telling how high their worth will climb or how much companies will be willing to pay for their services. If you’re considering switching careers and getting to be a part of this profitable industry, there’s no need to rush; data science as a profession isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.