3 Ways Digital Marketing Can Propel Your Business Post-Pandemic

Web Design Tips - 1-2-2003

Unless you’re lucky enough to have been stuck under a rock for the past few months, you’ll know that the world of work (as well as everything else) has been turned upside down by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Businesses with strictly physical operations have either struggled or sunk, so if your enterprise is able to operate completely or partially online, you’re probably in a slightly better position to weather the storm and remain intact.

For many entrepreneurs (particularly SMEs) this is a time to focus on surviving rather than thriving, and given the rapid move to remote working, there are actually many ways that digital marketing can propel your business through the post-pandemic period – here are three of the best.

1. Web design

If you’re not online at all you can gain access to Google’s online retail real estate (albeit in a limited way) by claiming a free Google My Business listing – it takes a few minutes to fill out your profile online and it acts like a free ad complete with an attractive photo, contact details and opening hours.

However, to really capitalise on the power of search and showcase your goods and services, an SEO-optimised and well-designed website is still a wise investment. Take a look at this list of small business website platforms from WebsiteBuilderExpert to get started.

2. Content

‘Content’ sounds bland and boring, like a sort of nondescript grey gloop you stuff in somewhere to fill a space. This is a great shame, because in digital marketing it’s actually the very opposite – it’s the words, pictures, videos, infographics, podcasts and anything else that provide substance and purpose to your website, social media presence, branding and just about everything else. The foundation of content is still strong writing skills and done right it satisfies Google spiders and humans alike.

Whether you want to learn how to source blog titles and topics or write in an empathic, conversational and persuasive manner, keep an eye on content guru Anne Handley – her blog always has brilliant tips.

3. SEO

Without SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) you could end up spending a fortune on a fancy website which is basically invisible on search engines like Google. That’s because your website content (words and pictures) has to be optimised to refer to certain keywords and topics, your website architecture has to be logical so that it’s easy to navigate, and it needs to load quickly and work on mobile phones.

Moreover, trusted and high volume sites need to link to you, which requires offsite SEO that builds links. Pull all this together and you’ll pop up right at the top of organic Google listings – contact an SEO agency like Maratopia to find out more.

So there you have it – three terrific ways digital marketing can drive your business post-pandemic. Tough times are surely ahead for most businesses, but in the long-term, going digital could end up being the best move you make!

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