6 Digital Marketing Trends For 2020

Digital marketing strategies are always undergoing change; strategies like cold emailing and blindly bidding on (PPC) keywords are becoming increasingly less effective. People today have access to more information than ever, and they do their research before taking any action. Potential customers will do their research, compare products, and look for the best. You cannot just put an ad in front of an audience of savvy consumers and hope for a sale.

Digital Marketing Trends image 32233Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been the go-to marketing strategy for industries like health, fashion, and lifestyle. People always like to buy from someone they trust or follow. Now, major influences are not just limited to TV stars or celebrities. Powerful individuals have emerged in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Influencer marketing can give you a fantastic ROI (return on investment), but make sure you are investing in the right influencer. Their numbers are growing rapidly, which means that many do not necessarily have a suitable or even legit fanbase.

Check out their engagements, and traffic statistics if that individual is a blogger. Make sure you carry out proper due diligence, otherwise, you might be wasting your hard-earned money.


Search engine optimization has been a popular marketing strategy for a long time. It’s not easy to rank a website nowadays like it was a few years back. Companies and business owners are focusing on corporate blogs to generate organic traffic. Adding a blog section in a corporate blog is nothing new, but because of rising and fiercer competition, it will get much tougher in 2020.

Google is continuously updating ranking factors and adding new algorithms to encourage website owners to make their visitor experience more solid. SEO is a long term, but cost-saving process. People trust organic results more than paid ads. Posting high-quality content is the go-to strategy now. Make sure are aware of what Google rewards and punishes in the world of SEO.


Live chat has been a part of sales and marketing for a long time to communicate with customers in real-time. The main problem with live chat is that you need someoby there interacting with visitors.

Maintaining a live chat team is costly and time-consuming. For small businesses, it is simply not finaicially possible to employ teams of humans for this purpose. AI-based chatbots can save you both time and money. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence.

The word Chatbot is short for Chat Robot. It is a piece of AI software that can literally chat with people as if it were a human being. Artificial Intelligence refers to software that makes robots, computers, and other smart devices think and behave like humans.

The global chatbot market is expected to exceed US$ 994 million by 2024. If engaging with visitors can boost your company’s sales, you should seriously consider investing in a good chatbot.

Video Marketing

Why do we like watching videos so much? We are simply are too lazy to read. Video marketing is believed to increase revenue 49% faster than other marketing options. YouTube is a popular platform for video marketing. It is the second-most popular search engine outside China (after Google).

Video marketing is now not limited to YouTube anymore as video ads are also becoming popular on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. The video marketing market shows no signs of slowing down, and is expected to continue expanding apace in 2020.


Statistics show that on average only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit. With retargeting, you can get in front of your “lost or bounced” traffic. Retargeting has become a popular marketing strategy to boost sales.

The way retargeting works, you put a javascript on your website and when someone visits your website, a cookie gets placed on their device. Their cookie ID is added to your remarketing audience list and later on, you can follow their footsteps on different ad media.

More likely than not, your competitors are beginning to retarget their visitors. If you don’t do the same, they will gain market share at your expense.

Affiliate / Revenue Share

Affiliate marketing is a great way to increase traffic and sales. The concept of affiliate marketing is nothing new, but not everyone is utilizing it properly. There are dozens of benefits of using affiliate marketing, not to mention that the whole process is automated, and you only pay when there is a sale.