Digital Media – The Role it Plays in Popularizing Brands

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘media?’ Perhaps, the BBC news channel, New York Times magazine, or social media. In the 21st century, media is all around us and has become an essential part of our lives. It has revolutionized the way people receive news, discover new products, and interact with each other. Likewise, it is changing how businesses function, operate, and promote their brand message across different channels.

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The up-and-coming technological innovations are unfolding new ways to market business. Instead of printing pamphlets and spending money on TV commercials, entrepreneurs can use digital forums to spread their brand message across different channels. Social media gives access to unlimited digital content, fosters interactions with customers, and promotes businesses. Similarly, marketers can run paid advertising campaigns to advertise online.

As technology continues to evolve, the dependence on digital media is also likely to increase. Therefore, utilize this media to expand your customer base and business profitability. Here we are highlighting the role digital media plays in popularizing brands.

1. Offers Personalized Experiences

In 2021, digital media is creating immersive user experiences to outrank competition with virtual and augmented reality. These technologies can insert elements into the real world by projecting images onto the viewer’s environment using a headset. Recently, Sephora – a cosmetic and skincare brand, has integrated augmented reality. It lets users try on makeup products virtually, offering an impeccable shopping experience.

Many people consider these innovations to be the future of media because soon, everyone will be taking advantage of virtual reality (VR). After all, it creates more targeted and personalized experiences for customers, increasing the brand’s popularity and recognition in the virtual sphere. If you have the expertise and budget, start developing your marketing around VR.

2. Fosters Public Relationships

Creating relationships with media personnel such as editors, producers, journalists has always been imperative for businesses. Fortunately, digital media is helping marketers build strong connections in the public relations (PR) field.

Instead of making a pitch over the phone, marketers can utilize video conferencing applications to pursue PR strategies. Likewise, you can connect with media contacts on Twitter by engaging and replying to their tweet. Alongside showing your interest in their content, it will help them recognize your brand name.

Moreover, entrepreneurs can offer their resources to journalists. For instance, if the journalist is doing a story on women empowerment, you can ask your female staff to give virtual interviews. Such practices can establish mutually beneficial relationships, increasing outreach and improving the brand’s popularity.

3. Promotes Brands Through Paid Advertisements

Previously, the paid advertisement campaigns were limited to TV and radio commercials. However, with the emergence of digital media, marketers can run paid advertisements on social media and search engines.

Facebook and Twitter ads are relatively cheaper and offer brands optimal exposure. You have to set demographics, including age, gender, interests, and location, to ensure your ads reach relevant audiences. Whether people know about your business or not, your brand will automatically start appearing on their feed once the ads are active.

Besides this, you can also invest in YouTube commercials. It optimizes ads using artificial intelligence and machine learning. It means your ads will be visible to people who have a genuine interest in your offerings. In addition to creating brand awareness, it can improve conversion prospects, increasing business profitability.

4. Provides Opportunities for Collaborations

Are you looking for exciting ways to improve brand recognition? Perhaps, a digital campaign collaboration could be a perfect choice. You can partner with other brands to promote your products and services to respective audiences. Otherwise, you can join forces with another company to work on a short-term project and share rewards. This practice of co-branding increases the customer base while positioning your brand as a market leader.

A few years back, Taco Bell partnered with Frito-Lay to develop Doritos Locos Taco. It created immense hype in the digital markets. As a result, it sold 450 million units, significantly boosting sales. You can think of similar collaborations to grow your business. In case you can’t find anyone within your business niche, look beyond your industry for promising partnerships.

5. Enables Social Sharing

As the digital landscape allows people to share content, brands can enable social sharing on their forums. You have to create engaging and shareworthy content that can help in increasing brand outreach.

Perhaps, some entertaining videos, informative blog posts, or informational infographics can come in handy. Otherwise, follow Wendy’s marketing approach. It shares humorous comebacks on Twitter and receives thousands of retweets within minutes.

Thus, you can also share something funny that people can resonate with and get more social shares. In addition to creating an uproar in the digital markets, it will significantly increase its popularity. Besides this, marketers can also add social sharing buttons to their blog posts. It will allow readers to share your content amongst one another, exposing your brand to more people.

Final Thoughts

Undeniably, digital media is reshaping the way we view the world through social media, search engines, emails, and much more. These innovations provide ultimate convenience and efficiency to the brands, paving the way for success.

Forums like Facebook and Instagram can create brand awareness while helping brands connect with customers individually. Hence, every marketer should start incorporating digital media in their campaigns to increase popularity and sales.

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