Digital PR and its importance

PR has traditionally focused on print publications, television and radio. However, print media is no longer what it once was, and online media has rapidly overtaken traditional print publications and television. With the rise of online marketing, the most astute of these public relations professionals have shifted their focus online to digital PR.

If you are still getting familiar with the concept, it is worthwhile to investigate the value of digital PR for business promotion. Businesses and marketers worldwide are becoming more interested in digital public relations. This is highlighted by the fact that the demand for digital marketers is on the rise, and many students are turning to online master’s in marketing programs to fulfil these roles, where courses are created by industry professionals and are aligned with today’s modern marketing landscape’s tools, technologies and trends.

Digital PR strategies increase brand awareness through online channels. It is drastically different from traditional PR in many ways, but it allows you to reach a larger audience that you would not be able to achieve using predominantly offline strategies. Digital PR will primarily rely on internet-based strategies such as content marketing, influencer marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media to have the most significant impact. Digital PR is an effective strategy for increasing a brand’s visibility and online presence.

Why is it important? 

According to Marketing Charts, one in two people are more likely to post a negative review online if they had a poor experience. In comparison, only 30% who had a positive experience would leave a review or feedback. Therefore, someone is more likely to tell others about a poor experience than an excellent one. This is where digital PR helps, as you can express your brand in the way that you want, while also providing a critical opportunity in the event of a crisis.

For digital PR to be successful, campaigns must use carefully calibrated elements of content marketing, influencer marketing, SEO and social media to preach a positive company message, right where consumers engage your company the most. When done correctly, digital PR strategies aid in the creation of a relatable story based on actual customer experiences, leveraging reviews, testimonials and influencer support to increase trust in your brand.

Packaging your content correctly works, as does promoting it creatively, but it will all be for nothing if the angle fails. Finding a strong, distinct angle may take more time than any other aspect of the process, but it is time well spent. Your goals will guide the ideation process. For example, you should consider brainstorming content ideas centered on your USP to increase brand awareness. 

If you want to drive more traffic to a specific product page, social media is excellent for keeping up with trends. When done correctly, digital PR can be an essential part of your strategy for building, maintaining and developing relationships. It has the potential to transform any marketing strategy completely and significantly increase ROI.

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