Digital Radiography Vs. Computed Radiography:  What’s The Difference?

Numerous advancements can be seen in the medical industry, including the technologies that are used in radiography. Accuracy is significantly increasing, resulting in early diagnosis of various conditions. As these devices continue to advance, better precision also makes it possible for surgeons to use less invasive procedures. There are two primary options available when it comes to using a modernized radiography system in your practice. This includes digital radiography and computed radiography devices. Let’s look at the differences between them.

Operating Principles Of A CR And DR System

Both digital and computed radiography provides imaging technologies that allow for the diagnosis of various diseases. The main aim of these devices is to provide a view inside the body without the need for incisions.

Computed radiography uses a Phosphor Imaging Plate, which assists in the creation of a digital image. Cassettes are used in order to record content, which has similarities to classic analog films. Many people consider computed radiography to be a middle point between digital radiography systems and classic options

A DR system is a more recent advancement and has a digital detector that takes x-ray images. The images are automatically obtained, and some of the latest models even allow for mobile usage. A DR system has superior efficiency and can provide greater quality images that help to improve the accuracy and preciseness of a diagnosis.

The Differences Between CR and DR Technologies

There are numerous factors that differentiate a DR system from a CR system:

  • Flexibility: A DR system can come in various shapes and sizes, making them more flexible in various settings. CR systems are not as mobile and portable, and may not have the same usage options compared to a DR system.
  • Imaging Quality: By assessing images from CR and DR systems, it’s clear that a DR system offers much clearer visuals that are more precise.
  • Safety (Dose of radiation): Radiation is a common concern in medical imaging testing procedures. The level of radiation has been significantly lowered in DR systems, even when compared to a CR system.
  • Efficiency: While more expensive, a DR system can make your workflow more efficient. The use of a flat panel detector means no more handling cassette tapes.

An Overview Of SONTU’s Range Of Imaging Devices

SONTU is a renowned manufacturer of medical imaging devices that adopts the latest advancements made in the industry. The company presents a diverse range of imaging systems that ranges from basic to high-end options. In addition to digital radiography, the SONTU portable x-ray equipment further adds to the convenience that can be experienced at the office. With a portable system in place, it’s easier to facilitate patients when they are unable to come to the office.

SONTU is also certified by medical associations. This means the devices offered by SONTU are thoroughly tested to meet the highest standards within the medical industry.

The company has self-developed a number of core technologies that its imaging devices use. The core technology contributes to the superior quality that these machines are able to produce, which makes the process of identifying ailments in patients and initiating treatment early on significantly easier. The flexibility of SONTU’s range of imaging devices also ensures they can be adapted with ease, providing excellent solutions for a diverse option for everywhere, from a local clinic to a veterinary practice.

Apart from digital radiography systems, SONTU also specializes in the manufacturing of fluoroscopy systems. These systems come in various sizes and shapes to ensure they can adequately fit within the requirements that a practice or clinic might have. Flat panel detectors with wireless functionality further expand the inventory that is available from SONTU, featuring a dust-resistant surface that is also waterproof.


While both a CR and DR system can produce digital images, there are obvious advantages to the use of digital radiography. Those who are looking to add more modern equipment in order to improve the efficacy of their healthcare centers can contact SONTU for expert advice and professional devices. SONTU specializes in the production of various DR systems, including basic and high-end options. This variation of options ensures any requirements a medical center has can be met. Get in touch with SONTU to learn more about their solutions.

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