Digital Signage Can Get 10x More Customer Attention Than Static Signage

Nowadays, technology is running our lives. Without it, we can’t imagine our life for a single second. It has even changed our marketing and advertising strategies, for example, one big change we can see is in signage advertisements. Globally, companies are actively using digital signage to maximize impact.

Digital signage

Companies like, View Media Digital Signage use such technology to grab the attention of the audience. Many advertising agencies are using digital signage to get their audience’s attention, as it has more of an impact.

In this guide, you will get to know how does it happen.

What Is Digital Signage?

Before answering the question, you must understand what is signage. It is basically a panaflex or billboard with a catchy advertisement. Such signage is also called static signage as it shows no moving visual or animation. However, digital signage is simply interactive signage – one that shows visuals and animations.

Digital displays use technologies such as LCD, LED, and many other ways to display digital images or even videos. If you are anywhere in public spaces like a transport system or restaurant, you might see an LCD or an LED showing an advertisement of a particular brand, that’s digital signage.

Why Do You Need A Digital Signage?

Can digital signage be the solution that you need to connect with clients and to increase sales?  Yes, by using it, companies can get the customer’s attention and can introduce them into the shopping experience.

Digital signage allows companies to get some physical value while adding digital interactions that customers are looking for. For this reason, more and more companies are using this technology to boost sales. While there are many options to choose from, none can beat the popularity of digital signage.

Why Digital Signage is 10 Times More Effective Than Static Signage?

Digital signage can draw more interest easily compared to static signage ads, as they focus more attention themselves and offer an opportunity for interaction. People like to pay attention to such catchy visuals and hence, it creates better impacts on sales.

However, companies should understand their customer’s needs, their own goal, and should produce the right content to provide the best service to your customers.

So, here is how digital signage creates more impact than static signage.

1.    Flexibility

Static signs can fade after some time, but you can still build fresh material for digital signage. Also, you can change messages easily, according to the period of day or year. Hence, you can completely control what you want to advertise and what you want your customers to see.

Thus, digital signage provides real-time advertising and information. You can effectively make use of your space and display a range of messages on one screen.

2.    Cost Reduction

Digital signage may be more costly than static signage, but it can save your business much more in the long run. Changing the message on the screen does not cost any additional labor costs. However, you would need to pay this amount if you are using static signage.

3.    Improved Consumers Strategy

Static signs do not interact with the audience until they see them a few times. However, digital signs offer the opportunity to post unique and changing content, to keep your customers looking.

You can easily target your audience and can promote your services effectively. Also, digital ads leave powerful impacts on the minds of customers and the message stays in their mind for a longer time. As a result, they try to get what that specific signage was selling.

4.    Easy Maintenance

Digital signage purchased from a respected company comes with world-class support, with warranties, and support contracts to supply peace of mind for the long term. Whenever you need it, you’ll get technical support and assistance via phone or even on-site support.


We should thank digital displays because companies today are moving towards digital signage to replace the static signage method. To increase advertisement efficiency, companies should choose digital signage ways to provide an effective way for their customers.

It is also obvious that digital signage does two things well: it attracts clients and gives your company a viral target.

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