The Right Digital Signs For your Business in Vancouver

There are a lot of reasons why your shop or business premises needs signage. First, it is the best way of letting people know who you are and what you do, and second it is important at grabbing the attention in a busy high street or business park. In the last century the neon sign was the game-changer in giving business of all kinds a bright and beautiful – but most of all noticeable – form of signage that was effective. However, neon signs – while highly collectable today – are fragile and expensive to run.

The right digital signs for your business in Vancouver

What is todays answer? The digital sign, which improves on all others in just about every way. More efficient, effective and hard-wearing than its predecessor, digital signs are leading the way in promoting business on the high street. Let’s talk about digital signs in more detail.

What are Digital Signs?

We advise you to check out the best in digital signs Vancouver – National Neon Signs – if you want a detailed explanation, but here’s ours: digital signs are electronic media using digital forms such as plasma screens, LED and LCD to provide information for consumers as well as for advertising businesses.

LED digital signs are used as storefront advertising, while plasma screens can be used by a variety of different market sectors to display changing information for targeted viewers. This use of digital signage is perhaps the area that has most potential. Let’s talk about who uses digital signage and how, so we can get an idea of how it might be of use to you and your business.

Who Uses Digital Signs?

Any business in any market can make use of digital signs. For example, let’s use a restaurant: the menu can be displayed on a plasma screen that changes, scrolling through the pages. Or, in a salon, the same method can be used for displaying a moving menu of the services available. Transfer that idea to any business and it’s easy to see why digital signage is becoming popular.

Digital signs are also seen on public transport. On a train or a bus, for example, a screen is used to display the next stop and estimated arrival time, or a moving map of the vehicle’s journey. Municipal authorities use them in towns and cities for displaying information, and they are even used by the side of some major roads where they can be updated with travel information.

Part of the efficiency of digital signs is that they are able to be changed quickly and easily, as well as being designed to consume less energy and therefore cost less to run than many other forms of signage.

Are Digital Signs Expensive?

The future of digital signs is assured because they are cheap to run, versatile and come in many forms. LED digital signs, for example, are used for wording and are energy-efficient in the most effective way. Cheap to run and easy to program, these are the simplest form of sign.

The plasma screen versions will need a tablet or computer to program the display, but it is surprisingly easy to use these devices and they are attention-grabbing and effective. The numbers of business using these signs is growing fast, and there may be many areas of your business in which they can be potentially useful.

If the idea of digital signs interests you and could be useful for promoting your business, why not get in touch with the Vancouver company we mentioned earlier, and they will be happy to talk to you about what they can do to meet your requirements.

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