Discover Business and Sales Solutions with AI Video Creation

Content marketing is a volatile and ephemeral field that never stays for long. Trends come and go, market forces shift, and purchasing habits shift.

What is “in” this season may be old hat the next-and “off-trend” content is painfully obvious in videos. Content that the public perceives as outdated is a source of concern for all marketers. However, the prospect of their brand being associated with low quality is equally concerning.

Because of this, many businesses spend a lot of time and money to make the best videos possible—up to seven hours for just one minute of playback. However, advertisers run the risk of devoting so much time to creating and honing the “perfect” video that wider marketing trends fade away. As a result, the finished video is outdated before it is even live on the internet.

Though this is common, it is not unavoidable, and artificial intelligence video marketing is the key to avoiding this potential stumbling block. As smart software makes video production more efficient, marketers get access to new tools that help them stay on top of market trends as they happen and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Video Types 

Demo videos

Demo videos are brief, simple, and educational video clips that explain or demonstrate the operation of your product or service. It’s an excellent way to highlight the benefits of your product or service, and it works well with marketing campaigns.

Explainer videos

An explainer video is similar to a demo video in that it focuses on how your product or service delivers value to the user rather than how it works. Explainer videos assist you in rapidly and successfully communicating your unique value proposition. 

At the touch of a button, the artificial intelligence in the simpleshow video maker transforms your complicated topic into an interesting explainer video. You provide a script, and the AI creates an animated and fully dubbed video for you.

While each video may have an artificial voiceover, many users choose to record their own voices. Nothing beats a real, human voice, no matter how wonderful synthetic voices have grown. Why? It personalizes your video, boosts recognition, and conveys emotion. And, as we all know, emotions aid in the retention of information. More parts of the brain are active when people connect knowledge to emotions. As a result, viewers retain more information.

With an advanced AI-powered video maker solution like simpleshow, the process of adding audio to a video is easy. Such technology has made it so users no longer have to be concerned about timing their video precisely. Simply talk naturally, and the timing engine will ensure that all pictures are displayed at the appropriate time, no matter how quickly or slowly, dynamic or pointed you speak.


Sales videos are critical for developing organizations because they play a significant role in acquiring new clients and partners. These videos work like sales presentations in that they show why people should work with you and what your company, products, or services are.


Organizations generate corporate videos for non-advertising purposes, and they are designed to highlight what your firm is all about. They give readers an idea of who you are as a company and brand, as well as your aims and beliefs. They can assist in attracting new clients as well as new talent.


Customers are the best brand advocates because they can explain your service or product from the perspective of a user. Customer testimonial videos aid in the following areas: 

  • Making a favorable impression on other consumers 
  • Putting your goods or services on display 
  • Creating trust
  • Boosting social proof 
  • Influencing your intended audience

Business and Sales Solutions with Advanced AI Video Makers

While there are plenty of content creation and video maker platforms on the market, only a select few have the necessary tools and features that make them efficient across multiple industries and marketing uses. This is especially true when it comes to business and sales solutions.

Increases sales

A well-designed video on simpleshow can result in immediate sales. After seeing an educational video about a brand, the majority of consumers purchased the goods or enrolled in the service.

Increase your ROI

The majority of video marketers claim that videos deliver a high return on investment. Today, there is a greater need for videos with excellent content, that is, videos that properly describe your products and/or services.

Create trust

Promotional videos build trust in consumers who are hesitant to buy products and services online. Conversational videos that promote your goods or services are favorably welcomed. Customers stated that watching videos provided them with the confidence they needed to purchase online.

Search engines love videos

When you embed videos into your website, people spend more time there. The longer time spent on your website indicates to search engines that you have excellent content. In addition, if you have a video embedded on your website, it is 53 times more likely to rank first on Google.

Videos are popular among mobile users

Everyone enjoys watching movies on the move, and as a result, the number of smartphone users is rapidly increasing. Every year, YouTube estimates a 100% increase in mobile video consumption. Also, people who use smartphones are more likely to feel a personal connection with companies that use video content or video ads.

Reluctant buyers are drawn in by videos

After all is said and done, video content is quite simple to consume. Long product descriptions are becoming obsolete. Create web videos that will capture even the most hesitant viewers.

Sharing videos raise brand awareness

Remember that people share feelings, not statistics, on social media. 76% of users said they would recommend enjoyable videos to others. This may assist you in increasing social shares, traffic, and, of course, awareness.

The Changing World of AI and Video Creation

The way video content is created and used by audiences around the world is changing daily. To learn more about how AI-technology is leading the way for better user engagement stay updated with the latest trending news in Google and across major social media platforms.

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