Discover International Summer Programs at Westlake University

Discover Westlake University, China’s inaugural privately organized research-oriented institution, a pivotal national initiative. With its strategic location in Zhejiang, Hangzhou, it stands as a beacon for global talent cultivation and pioneering scientific research. Dedicated to academic excellence and global collaboration, Westlake University invites high school and undergraduate students to engage in its outstanding international summer programs. This guide details Westlake University’s international summer programs, filled with enriching academic pursuits and exceptional opportunities.

Westlake International Summer Programs: 2023 Highlights, 2024 Preview

The success of Westlake University’s Summer Camp in 2023 attracted students globally from countries such as the United States, South Korea, the United Kingdom, India, and Turkey. Scholars from prestigious institutions, such as Fudan University, Stanford University, and Oxford University, enriched the camp with their expertise, offering opportunities for academic achievement. 

The triumph of the 2023 camp reflects Westlake University’s commitment to cutting-edge life science research. Lectures by distinguished scholars facilitated active interaction, fostering a knowledge exchange environment. As Westlake University prepares for the upcoming 2024 Summer Camp, the benefits of the program, including fostering global collaboration and providing a platform for academic excellence, continue to be a central focus. The camp serves as a hub for cutting-edge life science research. It offers students unparalleled opportunities to expand their knowledge and network with peers and experts from diverse backgrounds.

Diverse Summer Camp Options from Westlake University

High school and undergraduate students are welcome to attend the diverse international summer programs at Westlake University.

Westlake Pre-college Summer Program

The  Westlake Pre-college Program is tailored for students passionate about biology, chemistry, or engineering, with a special focus on genes, nanosynthesis, and bionic robotics. Taking place from July 7 to 25, 2024, this high school summer camp program provides 19 days of immersive learning and exploration. Led by distinguished members of the Westlake faculty, the program offers hands-on experience in state-of-the-art research facilities. 

Each day includes morning lab sessions and engaging afternoon activities such as lectures, laboratory tours, company visits, and cultural experiences, including travel to the Yangtze River Delta region’s natural, cultural, and historical sites.

 As participants progress through this international summer program, they can explore and engage with the most recent and innovative research in their respective fields. The hands-on approach allows students to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings, fostering a deeper understanding of biology, chemistry, and engineering.

A concluding ceremony features the awarding of certificates, and outstanding students may receive priority consideration for admission to Westlake’s highly regarded undergraduate programs and for scholarships. To be eligible, students must have completed 10th or 11th grade, excelled in STEM subjects, and demonstrated proficiency in English. The application process involves high school recommendations, online submissions, and reviews of material.

International Undergraduate Summer Camp

Embark on a transformative two-week journey where the School of Life Sciences brings together brilliant minds from around the globe for a dynamic exploration of cutting-edge research in life sciences. 

Dive into advanced laboratory experiments guided by distinguished professors, providing hands-on experience with the latest techniques. In the successful 2023 session, participants delved into captivating projects centered around gene engineering and biochemical assays. The immersive learning experience goes beyond the labs, offering participants a chance to discover the richness of Chinese culture through organized tours to UNESCO World Heritage Sites in China.

Exciting news awaits those eager to join the upcoming 2024 session. Stay tuned for details on the application process and faculty information for international students. The journey into the world of life sciences continues, promising another extraordinary summer camp experience. Keep following for updates, and be part of the next chapter in this remarkable exploration!

Voices from Westlake University Participants

See what participants have to say about Westlake University’s transformative international summer programs.

“I am thrilled to share my experience as a participant in the pre-college program at Westlake University. Being a part of this transformative program has given me valuable insights into Westlake, enriching my understanding before applying.”

–  Ceren Duzgun, Istanbul, Turkey 

“The ‘Frontiers of Life Sciences’ summer camp at Westlake University went above and beyond my expectations, delivering a distinctive fusion of academic inspiration and practical exposure to cutting-edge laboratory techniques. This immersive program solidified my passion for the field and fueled my desire to excel in my academic journey.”

– Amelia Maria Janiak, a dedicated student from Duke Kunshan University 

FAQs About Westlake University’s Summer Camp in China

Cost and Scholarships

The cost and other fees for the 2024 international summer programs at Westlake University will be announced soon. A Pre-college Summer Program Fellowship is available to each student to subsidize their costs.

Requirements on Language Proficiency and Visa

Proficiency in English is required as all courses are to be delivered in English. However, there is no requirement for Mandarin proficiency. Students need to acquire a Chinese visa, and there will be detailed guidance from the university to help.


Westlake University’s international summer programs offer a global perspective on academic exploration. As participants worldwide share their experiences, the resonance is clear – these programs go beyond conventional boundaries. They offer life-changing opportunities for academic exploration, cultural immersion, and personal growth. If you’re interested in learning more, contact Westlake University. We’re excitedly looking forward to welcoming you to Westlake University in the summer of 2024!