Disinfecting Your Airplane Seat The Proper Way-A Guide

An airplane is not the safest of places, especially when it comes to germs. Study after study has reported that airplane seats are a hotbed for bacteria and all other types of germs. In addition to this, the average airplane tray is regarded to be many times germier than an average toilet seat.

With all of this information in hand, you need to carefully protect yourself and your loved ones from the chances of coming in contact with these germs that may have an immediate and direct impact on your health.

What better way to protect yourself than getting Seat Sitters exclusive travel seat covers as a travel companion for you and your family members. However, if you have forgotten your kit or you haven’t got one, there are other options to explore to protect you from the millions of germs stored in areas like the seat belt buckles, top of seats, seatback pockets, and other top spots.

Below are some of the essentials that you need to keep yourself protected from airplane germs as you catch the next flight to your destination.

1. Get disinfecting wipes

Seeing as you are allowed minimal supplies on the airplane, you want to make sure that you’ve included some key items, like disinfectant wipes. One of the best ways to ensure that your trip remains germ-free is to have your disinfectant wipes easily accessible. These wipes come in handy as soon as you get on the airplane and make your way to your seat. When choosing your disinfectant wipes, be sure to choose those wipes that offer a nice scent that you can live with. To prevent irritation to others, you may also opt for scentless disinfectant wipes. Wipe your hands and other surfaces you may come in contact with using these wipes.

2. Use your wipes correctly

Packing wipes for your trip is only one half of the battle, the other half is using the wipes  correctly. Although you stand a chance of creating a minor scene, you should be aware that the minor scene is nothing compared to the health risks associated with coming in contact with unclean surfaces.

To use your disinfectant the right way, as soon as you get on the plane you should wipe down all of the hard surfaces that you will come in contact with during the trip. After wiping down all hard surfaces, you should allow some time for the disinfectant contained in the wipes to do its job. Depending on the strength of the disinfectant, you may need to wait for anything between 30 seconds and 4 minutes before coming in contact with the wiped surface.

Dealing with germs on upholstered surfaces

Disinfecting germs on hard surfaces like the food trays, seat handles, and other areas may be simple with wipes. This is because you can wipe down those surfaces and expect the disinfectant liquid to dry off naturally, however, things may not be as simple as this when you are faced with upholstered surfaces.

For upholstered surfaces, using your wet disinfectant wipes will do a bad job of disinfecting the surface and will also leave it wet. You really do not want to be seated on a wet airplane seat for the duration of your flight and that is why you need a better approach to protecting yourself.

For upholstered surfaces, Seat Sitters exclusive travel seat covers may be the best option for you. The seat covers are designed to be placed on the airplane seat so that it covers all the possible germ hotspots and leaves you only in contact with a surface that you trust. One of the biggest advantages of using seat covers is that they are easy to pack and re-usable, this means that you can use one seat cover for as long as you wish and for as many flights as you want. Take note that seat covers fit many seat types and all airplane seat types. They are lightweight and washable, and easy to fold back up and pack into the carry bag.  

How about your seat back pockets?

You can’t be too careful when you are dealing with germs. With the airplane seat pockets being home to millions of germs, you may also want to reconsider the regular act of stashing your water, snacks, and other personal items in the space. To ensure that you get the all-around protection that you deserve, you can use the carry bag for the Seat Sitter seat cover to hold your miscellaneous items.

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