Display Advertising Trends – Europe 2019

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Image: blog.bannerflow.com

Display advertising continues to thrive across the European continent. Total ad spend across the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, and France in 2019 is predicted to be 14.7% greater than in 2018, reaching $17.3 billion.

However, too many marketers struggle with the format despite the strong growth. According to display advertising firm Bannerflow, marketers should focus on four trends this year.

In-Banner Video

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Image: blog.bannerflow.com

Over the past few years, in-banner video has been one of the format’s major successes. CTR can increase by 18.4% if you include a video within a banner ad.

Dynamic Creative

We refer to display advertising, which adapts to the viewer as Dynamic Creative. This type of advertising can tailor messages depending on where the individual lives, age, gender, time zone, etc.

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Surprisingly, only 17.3% of display advertising served in 2018 used dynamic data feeds. This is an extremely low figure, given how important personalization is in today’s marketplace. This percentage should rise significantly in 2019, says Bannerflow.


We are all spending longer and longer on our smartphones and tablets. Advertisers should, therefore, think of mobile communication devices as the primary format to deliver their ads.

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During the week, 45.5% of all ad impressions occur on mobile devices. During the weekend, the figure rises to 55.2%.

Weekend campaigns focussing on mobile devices should increase this year considerably.

Banner Sizes

Marketers are forever trying to determine how big or small their display ads should be. Advertisers who use less popular sizes have an important advantage. Cost per mile (CPM) can drop because there is less competition.

Regarding these trends, Antonia Lindmark, Head of Insights at Bannerflow, made the following comment:

“Display advertising continues to be a strong weapon in online marketers’ arsenals, raising awareness and getting customers to discover their website.”

“Featuring fresh statistics and expert analysis from Bannerflow, our infographic highlights the biggest trends affecting European display advertising in 2019.”


Bannerflow has created an infographic that illustrates these trends: