DIY Divorce in Oregon | Things You Need to Know

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If you want to save some money on your divorce, your best option is to choose an uncontested divorce. This way, you can proceed with a do-it-yourself divorce, making the overall cost much more affordable.

Have you already considered a DIY divorce but can’t wrap your head around all those tricky requirements? This article will answer the most common questions regarding a DIY divorce in Oregon. Buckle up!

What is an uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce is a go-to option for those spouses seeking a quick and affordable divorce. To get such a divorce in Oregon, all you need to do is agree on all divorce-related issues with your spouse.

Typically such arrangements address spousal support (also known as alimony), property division, debts allocation, child support, child custody, etc. The agreed-upon terms are then written into a settlement agreement.

Negotiating and settling disputes without legal help saves a lot of time and money, making it a preferable option for many couples. And yet, if there are any complications to your case or it seems impossible to reach an agreement, you should consider hiring a lawyer or using divorce mediation.

How to prepare and file your divorce forms without an attorney?

The settlement agreement mentioned above is one of the vital documents for an uncontested divorce. However, you still need to go through the paperwork preparation stage and file the appropriate documents to the court.

Online divorce is the best option to handle your divorce papers for a reasonable price for those wanting to save some money on legal assistance.

Another option is to file the documents yourself.  All the forms are available on Oregon legal web resources. You need to select and fill out the documents required for your case. However, it may be challenging for those spouses without legal training, and any mistakes in the paperwork may lead to delays in the filing process.

Today many couples delegate their divorce paperwork to online divorce companies, and for a good reason. Online divorce is much cheaper than a divorce lawyer in Oregon, and it takes just two business days to get your completed divorce paperwork.

The online service helps you select and fill out the appropriate forms and then provides you with ready-to-be-filed documents along with a filing guide. All you need to do is complete a simple questionnaire regarding your marriage and divorce-related arrangements. What’s more, online divorce allows you to handle your divorce forms from the comfort of your own home.

And yet, no matter how perfect internet divorce sounds, it has nothing to do with completing your divorce online (only a court may grant you a final divorce decree in Oregon). Instead, online divorce services are an irreplaceable tool to help you deal with your paperwork.

What are the filing requirements in Oregon?

Several requirements must be met before filing for a divorce in Oregon.

Residency. You can file for divorce in Oregon if:

  • you entered the marriage in Oregon, and either you or your spouse is a current resident of the state, or 
  • you got married in another state, but at least one of you has been a resident of Oregon for no less than six months before filing.

Filing in your county. According to Oregon law, you file your divorce in the county where either spouse resides.

Filing fees. There is a mandatory filing fee in Oregon, as in any other state. On average, it is about $300; however, it may vary depending on the county where you do the filing. Make sure to check the current information about the exact amount on the government website.

How to serve divorce documents?

After filing, the next step is to serve copies of all your divorce documents to the defendant.

As in many other states, serving cannot be done personally in Oregon. Thus, you will have to use one of the following options:

  • Hire a County Sheriff;
  • Hire a private process server; or
  • Have any resident of the state over the age of 18 not involved in a divorce deliver the papers to your spouse?

Another option is to have your spouse sign an Acceptance of Service, which means it won’t be necessary to serve them formally. 

Note: If you don’t know anything about your spouse’s whereabouts, you can ask the judge for permission to serve them via publication or posting.


An uncontested divorce is an excellent option for spouses getting a divorce without a lawyer. If you understand the process and follow the rules, you can easily have a DIY divorce in Oregon.

To make it even more affordable and fast, spouses can choose to handle their divorce paperwork without legal assistance using online divorce services. Such services facilitate the whole paperwork stage of the divorce process and can significantly reduce the overall cost of a divorce.

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