DIY or Hire An Amazon Marketing Agency?

It’s very easy to find yourself asking the question should I hire an Amazon marketing agency, or should I just do it myself? What’s the harm in turning it into a DIY venture? Well, if you do it right, there’s no real harm, but an Amazon marketing agency can do things for you that you might not even consider. 

While you’re exploring and trying to understand the complex world of Amazon marketing, an agency or Amazon marketing consultant already knows the tricks of the trade. Here are five reasons why you should hire an Amazon marketing agency.

They Know How To Facilitate a Successful Launch

Amazon marketing agencies know what it takes to create a perfect Amazon store and what goes into a successful launch. They’re likely intimately familiar with the process, having done it countless times. This is what you want in your corner, experience. They can help avoid mistakes a novice Amazon marketer like yourself might make. 

They Help Remove a Fear of The Unknown

Amazon is overwhelming, to say the least, and not everything is straightforward. You can easily wind up getting confused, lost, or unsure about what this all means. A marketing agency specializing in Amazon knows what it all means, and they’re perfectly capable of guiding you through it all to help you understand it better.

Always Up To Date On Amazon Policy and Regulation Changes

All the policy and regulation changes are mind-boggling. However, an agency or consultant is always up to date to ensure their client’s stores aren’t breaking the rules. This is a significant time saver and saves you from breaking Amazon’s rules, which can have serious consequences. 

Help Make You Stand Out In a Crowded Market

It’s no surprise that Amazon’s a crowded market, but how do you make your store and products known to Amazon shoppers? Well, that’s a difficult question to answer that’s reliant on various factors. However, an agency or consultant knows how to troubleshoot and fine-tune your store to ensure it’s making an effort to stand out. Sometimes their efforts are more effective than ones we have on our own, thanks to their experience running multiple stores and knowing what it takes to stand out. 

Constant Communication

With an Amazon marketing agency, you’re never in the dark about how things are going. They help you achieve success and provide consistent feedback to help you understand what’s been done, how it works, and what effects it’s having. If they’re positive, they can double down; if something isn’t working, they are masters at pivoting. 


An agency or consultant knows what they’re doing. However, while you’re more than capable of learning, it can take time, and that might not be time you have to spare. Therefore, you need to consider what works best for you before deciding to go with an agency or do it yourself. There are many reasons why you should consider an agency over DIY, but that’s a decision you’ve got to make on your own.

UpCounting is an Amazon marketing agency ready to take your store to the next level. So get in touch today, and let’s start bringing your products to life on the world’s biggest online marketplace.

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