Do Convenience Store Staff and Employees Need to be BASSET Certified?

Beverage Alcohol Selling and Serving Education and Training (BASSET) is a course that educates people in Illinois on how to serve alcohol responsibly. By completing the program, you help the state achieve its objectives of creating safer communities and avoiding drunk driving and sales to minors.

BASSET Certification 

The BASSET Certification Online is divided into two categories: On-premise and Off-Premise BASSET certification. Let’s delve more deeply into these categories.

  • On-Premise BASSET Certification Online

The On-premise BASSET Certification online is intended for managers, servers, bar backs, and waiters working in bars or restaurants.

  • Off-Premise BASSET Certification Online

The Off-premise BASSET Certification online is designed for cashiers, managers, and company owners of convenience shops, grocery stores, and liquor stores.

BASSET Certification Courses

It’s possible to earn your BASSET Certification in a variety of methods. You may look through BASSET Certification Online Training providers and select one to enroll in. Here are a few training providers you may choose from if you’re confused about where to enroll.

  • ServSafe BASSET Certification

The Illinois Liquor Control Commission has recognized the ServSafe BASSET certification Courses. These courses can be taken in person or online. 

  • SureSellNow BASSET Certification

This BASSET training program can be used for both On-Premise and Off-Premise certification and is intended to promote the ethical and lawful sale and service of alcoholic drinks in Illinois.

  • Vernon Hills BASSET Certification

Anybody who sells and/or serves alcohol in the area, such as waiters, waitresses, bartenders, and over-the-counter clerks, must complete this training course if you live in Vernon Hills.

  • Learn2Serve by 360 Training BASSET Certification

By completing this program, you can help the state achieve its objectives of creating safer communities and avoiding drunk driving and sales to minors.

  • Bret Dixon Insurance BASSET Certification

This program is all about Responsible Alcohol Management Practices, known as RAMP. The state of Illinois has fully licensed and BASSET-approved this alcohol seller/server training program. Pretesting and post-testing are all included in this three-hour online training. 


A BASSET card confirms that you have completed an Illinois-approved alcohol server training course under the BASSET Certification online. If you want to learn why having this card is important, continue reading.

The Importance of BASSET Card

First, you must complete the course if you sell or serve alcohol. Yet, since Illinois enforces the Dram Shop Act, it will also aid you in becoming familiar with the legislation so that you may avoid being held accountable.

The Illinois Liquor Control Commission, or ILCC, also enforces severe fines for supplying alcohol to children under 21. You might spend up to a year in jail and pay a fine of up to $2,500 for a small infraction. However, if it’s a criminal charge, you might face a year or more in jail and penalties of up to $25,000.

Furthermore, in Illinois, you have the authority to deny service to anyone who cannot show you their identification or evidence of their age or if they appear to be intoxicated. By using such rights, you may contribute to the safety of your clients and stop Illinois’s serious problem with drunk driving.

Dram Shop Act

The Dram Shop Act offers the only jurisdiction against bar operators and their owners for any damage brought on by an intoxicated individual or as a result of drunkenness.

According to the Dram Shop Act, the owner of the establishment where the drink was sold is liable if a customer purchases a drink, leaves the area, and later causes harm. These instances might involve deaths, serious injuries, or other losses from drunk driving-related auto accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Who needs Basset certification in Illinois?

All servers who sell alcohol and bouncers who check IDs must currently be certified by BASSET. All new hires must complete the certification process within 120 days of starting their jobs, and Illinois BASSET cardholders should refresh the certification every three years.

  • How do I get an Illinois Basset?

To get a BASSET Certification Online, complete an alcohol server training course that the state has recognized. You may look for online training companies and get started right away. Your temporary certificate of completion will be sent to you as soon as you pass the final test. The Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) will receive your temporary certificate and issue your official BASSET card.

  • How many modules are there in the Illinois Basset?

Illinois On-Premise BASSET is broken down into five curriculum contents, each with a test to check your understanding and help prepare for the final examination. You have infinite chances to receive a 70% passing grade on each test, and a multiple-choice final exam with 20 questions concludes the course.

The Bottom Line: What We Know

Workers who serve or sell alcohol, such as alcohol business owners, managers, convenience store sellers, restaurant waiters, bar servers, bartenders, and bar bouncers, must obtain a BASSET Certification online. 

Illinois requires BASSET Certification Online Training because it will educate you not only about the alcohol and beverage business but also about the rules governing the sale of alcoholic beverages, which is very important. After all, violating these laws may result in penalties and prison sentences.

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