Do I Really Need an Iowa Work Comp Lawyer?

One moment, you were just doing your job like normal, the next, you’ve been injured and you’re unable to work. However, your workers compensation benefits shouldn’t be too tough to seek out, right? You should be able to simply file a claim with your workers comp provider and get the help you need.

Iowa work comp lawyer article - image 44444Unfortunately, not every workers compensation claim is simple. You could have unforeseen issues getting your compensation. Still, do you really need an Iowa workers comp lawyer? If you’re not sure, check out the following reasons to seek out a lawyer.

Seeking Workers Comp Benefits Can Be Tough

When you’re seeking out workers compensation benefits, the process can be deceptively simple. For example, let’s say you were caught under some heavy machinery, and it broke your leg. You may have been rushed to the hospital, and now you know you won’t be able to work for some time.

The process should be that you file a claim within ninety days, your employer passes your notice of injury to the insurance company, and the company decides whether to pay the claim and how much it’s worth. However, that doesn’t mention the more complex parts of your claim, like ensuring you’re getting the right amount of compensation.

Worse, you may have been completely denied compensation for your losses. For those who need those funds just to keep their homes and feed themselves, that can be devastating for them and their families.

How Your Lawyer Can Help

When you’ve been denied workers compensation for your injuries, you may need help seeking out the benefits you should have received. However, you may not be sure where to begin. Worse, you may not even know why you were denied.

That’s where a lawyer may be key to your claim. Your attorney has experience in the field, and they know what to expect when you’re denied compensation in Iowa. They know the basic reasons for a denial, and they can dig deep to help show you why you may have been denied.

They can represent you in court, too. If you’re denied benefits for your injuries, your attorney can represent you during your hearing. They can argue for workers comp in your favor, striving to make sure you have the funds you need for a full financial recovery.

When to Seek an Iowa Work Comp Lawyer

Many people believe that they can do most of these things on their own. The reason for your denial is sometimes included in your denial letter, for example, and you may have evidence for your making your case for work comp. You may believe you’re doing well enough that you don’t need a lawyer.

Unfortunately, it’s often not so simple. Not only are you dealing with a legal claim, you’re also struggling to overcome your injuries. Balancing these two concerns may not be so easy, which could lead to you feeling overwhelmed quickly.

If you’ve been denied compensation for your losses or otherwise need assistance with your work comp claim, seeking a lawyer now may make a big difference in your future. If you’re not sure whether you really need a work comp attorney, consider your situation. Do you feel prepared to take on your claim while recovering from your injuries? If not, your lawyer may be key to your financial recovery.


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