Do Infrared Saunas have any Health Benefits?

Far-infrared sauna is a heating therapy in which the body heats up directly rather than heating by the surrounding air. The infrared sauna takes place in a small room described as an infrared heat therapy room. The heat produced by this sauna reflects the heating elements in the form of light energy that emits directly onto the body.

In an infrared sauna, about 80% of the heat goes into the body and the other 20% enters the air. The researchers found that the radiant heat from this sauna penetrates deeper into the skin than in traditional saunas. Infrared saunas are more tolerable than previous dry or wet saunas because the air around the human body is not heated.  The internal temperature of infrared saunas is very low. It keeps the air cooler to elevate the core temperature as heat from the system penetrates the body.

Health benefits of Infrared Saunas

There are different ranges of infrared saunas available with variations in their wavelength: near, mid, and far-infrared. Each sauna provides a different wavelength of energy that warms up your body without heating the surrounded air and provides various health benefits to your body.

Here are mentioned some positive effects on the human health of using an infrared sauna:

Maintain Blood pressure

Infrared saunas and their other types prove very helpful in maintaining blood flow and circulation. Research shows an effective link between infrared saunas and blood pressure. This treatment is very crucial in decreasing the blood pressure in a patient with hypertension disorder. A review suggested that this therapy has a very beneficial effect on systolic hypertension and improves blood viscosity.

Recover from chronic fatigue syndrome

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) can be treated with the help of infrared saunas therapy. In research, an Infrared sauna is used in a thermal therapy called Waon therapy, applied to women with chronic fatigue disorder. As a result of this experiment, it was concluded that women with CFS who were treated with Waon therapy faced less pain after the practice. Moreover, feel relaxed, calm, and stress-free.

Manage respiratory condition

Sauna baths are frequently available to reduce the risk of acute and chronic respiratory conditions. These baths are effective for people with respiratory disorders such as pneumonia, asthma, and obstructive pulmonary disease.

Improve mental health

Mental illness is a health condition that involves changes in feelings and emotions. The use of an infrared sauna releases all your stress and anxiety and relaxes your mind. The fact that you spend some time in a quiet place away from electronic devices and daily hectic routine. These mindfulness practices such as meditation and deep breathing excel all your tension and keep your mind healthy.

Relief back pain

An infrared sauna has a vital role in the decrease of chronic back pain. The heat energy coming from the sauna relieves your lower back pain and results in significant improvement in the physical and mental health of the patient. After an intense exercise followed by a sauna session, release back pain and inflammation.

Improve Quality of life

A person with poor physical and psychological health should practice this sauna therapy to improve the overall quality of life. This treatment also reduces symptoms in patients with cancer and other diseases. Some researchers in Japan found that infrared sauna heat therapy boosts the mind and well-being.  This practice is an accessible treatment that emphasizes the mind-body connection and also has many health benefits. 

After knowing the certain benefits of Infrared sauna, we consider it very beneficial for human health, but these claims are not followed by strong scientific evidence. Regardless, you may find this heat therapy a relaxing and enjoyable treatment. You probably get benefits from depression and short-term stress relief while taking a healthy self-care.

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