Do Thermogenic Fat Burners Help With Weight Loss?

A question that has been asked for way too long to ensure time and again the authenticity of thermogenic fat burners and the claims the product-makers market. This causes a great dilemma in people who are yet to begin experimenting with thermogenic fat burners.

Owing to minimal research on thermogenic fat burners, a state of uncertainty revolves around the feasibility of employing them in the fitness regime. People spend a lot of hours talking to others, and on the internet to find out new information about the products which can aid in achieving their fitness goals. The information regarding thermogenic fat burners requires a lot of filtering: differentiating authentic words from myths is really important so as to give people the most realistic view.

What are the Major Thermogenic Fat Burners? 

Among the most well-known thermogenic fat burners is caffeine: a substance that upon consumption increases the ability of the body to utilize fat as a source of energy for the body by the transfer of fat into the bloodstream, and this is achieved by the increase in levels of adrenaline which results from caffeine consumption. Capsaicin is another chemical used in thermogenic fat-burners, which is also a stimulant, like caffeine.

Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit: a chemical compound, HCA, is derived out of it that, upon consumption, slows down the production of fat in the body. This compound is used in another kind of thermogenic fat burner, sometimes known as fat-blocker pills.

Types of Thermogenic Fat Burners

As mentioned above, various ingredients are used as thermogenic fat burners: and these various ingredients lead to the formation of various types of fat burners. There are three major types of thermogenic fat burners: appetite suppressors are fat-burners that repeatedly reduce an individual’s urges to eat. Next, there are fat-blockers, used to reduce a body’s tendency to produce excessive fat. And then some fat-burners make a person’s metabolism quicker.

However, in present times, the thermogenic fat burners sold are either exclusive for a purpose, or they come in blends that combine all the types of thermogenic fat-burners together: so as to generate optimal benefit for the consumers. As the word thermogenic means, these products are aimed to increase the heat generation in the body leading to increased calorie burning: to aid this purpose, the blend variants of thermogenic fat burners are ideal for to fastest weight and fat loss.

Will Thermogenic Fat Burners Really Help?

The text mentioned above is the glorious theory to define thermogenic fat burners: however, the effectiveness of these fat burners is a matter of debate because there is limited research done on this specific type of fat burners. People indulge in the consumption of all kinds of fat-burners under the delusion of them being well-researched because such a claim is usually imprinted on the packaging.

However, the reality is that these products haven’t been extensively tested by neutral research facilities. But from the little amount of research that has already been done: it is certain that thermogenic fat burners are responsible to only bring about a very minor reduction in body weight, as low as approximately half a kilogram.

The sum of money that is spent to attain such a minute reduction will only be favorable for someone who is very desperate to lose any kind of weight they can get off their body. Much easier ways like walks and reducing food portions can be employed to attain this minute reduction or even more.

Are Thermogenic Fat Burners Safe?

Although the major thermogenic fat burners are naturally occurring, their prolonged is not nonhazardous: users of thermogenic fat burners have reported several side effects from the consumption of these products. These include:

Permanent changes in blood pressure have been reported by a few individuals who were using thermogenic fat burners. The commonly occurring side effects of these fat burners are inability to sleep, feeling full, getting constipated, and prolonged headaches; these are all the same side effects that can often be also acquired from excessive use of caffeine in beverages. Severe side effects have been seen in a few individuals: the effects were intense heart palpitations, and deterioration of the intestinal tract.

The reason of thermogenic fat burners to be available for over-the-counter purchase is that in most countries, these are marketed as dietary supplement pills, and certain countries do not require institutional scrutiny of such pills; they are approved for sale without any major product analysis. Hence, despite the side effects, these products are continued to be sold without coming under the radar of state authorities.

How do Thermogenic Fat Burners Compare with Other Methods to Lose Fat?

It is only intense idealism if someone believes in the fat-burners, alone, to make one slimmer. Thermogenic fat burners stand nowhere close to the weight and fat loss scale one can achieve by indulging in strenuous workouts. Exercising will always be the number one method to lose weight and bring the body in shape.

However, thermogenic fat burners can be used as complementary products to one’s weight loss regimen. Eating a pill daily before the workout or the first meal of the day is the ideal suggested timings.

There is No Quick Fix

One major reason for the growing sales figures of such fat burners is that people around the world want to skip the working-out part and directly enjoy a lighter body: for which they opt to consume such products that falsely promise the exact thing which the consumers want to hear. Claims like “Lose Weight Without Doing Anything” are nothing but misrepresenting taglines to boost sales. The result of such greed is the side effects one might experience from the prolonged consumption of these products.

The only fix to fulfill all your weight-loss goals is to bring about efficient changes in your lifestyle and spare time to work out each day: without these two major fixes, all other fixes are redundant. There are mutiple ways that one can gain access to learning from the experts about fitness: with the advancement of technology, one can access fitness videos on platforms like YouTube and download apps that are purely dedicated to fitness, and these apps contain exercise videos, tools to generate diet charts and healthy schedules. So with all this technology, one is really left with any excuse to skip a healthy lifestyle and alternate it with self-imposed misery on the body.

Final Words

There is a massive research gap in this area of study. Compared to the large global market that thermogenic fat burners have, very little research has been conducted to find concrete evidence about the effectiveness of these fat burners.

Also, the existing academic literature is partially flawed in terms of the number of trials, sample size, diversity, and methodology. And this is the same compromised literature whose results are used to declare fat burners to be not very effective. Hence, an individual who wants to make an informed decision regarding the purchase of thermogenic fat burners will find it difficult to do so.

However, only the effectiveness of thermogenic fat burners is debatable: there’s no doubt about the fact that prolonged consumption of these pills causes side effects in people, and some of these side effects are severe.

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