Do you have a store on Shopify? Twik Shopify app will turn more users into buyers for you – automatically.

Shopify’s solution allows any business owner to set up a store easily. And what about increasing sales quickly? Get to know the autopilot that leads users to make purchases easily and quickly.

Since the COVID crisis began, the volume of worldwide online purchases has increased hundreds of percentage points. Naturally, the need for a virtual store intensified during this period. The good news is that platforms such as Shopify provide a solution for this need and allow business owners to set up a virtual store easily and quickly.

This does not mean that sales come so readily…

After all, platforms for the rapid establishment of virtual stores already exist. However, until recently, there was no solution that allows increasing in-store sales with the same ease. And what is a virtual store worth if it does not generate enough sales?

Are sales faltering? This is probably the reason

Many virtual store owners attribute the faltering in sales to the tight competition or in-store price levels. But the truth is that in many cases, the reason for user abandonment is actually the exposure to a multiplicity of options, which leads to paralysis and the inability to decide. American psychologist Barry Schwartz defined this as the “Paradox of Choice”: the more options we are exposed to, the more miserable we are. At the consumer level, the multiplicity of options leads to paralysis and indecision.

Imagine being able to tailor exactly the product the surfer wants or needs when they come to your store in Shopify – how could you make it easier for them to make a purchase?

The twik app performs this action for Shopify stores, automatically.

How to increase sales in the store automatically?

A Shopify personalization app, like Twik, shows each user precisely the products they need/want, which then helps to increase sales. The app automatically organizes the products in the store according to each user’s needs and characteristics. This way, potential customers can easily find the items they are looking for, avoid overcrowding, enjoy a customized shopping experience – and of course, purchase more.

How does this magic happen? The twik application is based on artificial and business intelligence components, which analyze users’ characteristics according to dozens of parameters. This analysis leads to an active change in the Shopify virtual store structure, depending on what each individual user needs/wants.

Think of it as a seller in a physical store who learns to adapt to each buyer’s needs and offers the products they want, with one difference: twik collects much more information about the potential customer without asking them even a single question.

How does the store adapt itself to each user?

To increase sales, the twik app reorganizes the menu, navigation routes, and products displayed according to each user’s needs and intentions. By personalizing the shopping experience for each user,  the desired effect happens: more add to cart, higher and faster purchases, and lower abandonment rates.

And the bottom line: Installing the twik app in the virtual store in Shopify allows store owners to benefit much more from the traffic that comes to the store. All this with maximum accuracy and subject to international privacy laws.

How to start?

All you have to do is download the twik Shopify personalization app. Immediately after associating the app with the store on Shopify, it starts working for you and increases the number of sales. No unnecessary fuss – and no need for coding. As useful as it is simple.

The twik solution is the first of its kind globally, offering a complete personalization of the in-store shopping experience, automatically.

All of this has led twik to the top of Shopify’s favorite apps: twik has been crowned as one of the four apps selected by the Shopify team, and more importantly – it has become the preferred choice of many virtual stores.

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