Do You Know About Digital Leaflets? It’s Time! Look At All They Can Offer

Today, in the middle of the digital age, there is already a lot of content that is transferred to the online field. The case of promotional and advertising leaflets was not going to be less.

There are more and more digital leaflets for both information and promotions, such as Morrisons offers. But what is the reason? Mainly, adaptation to consumer behaviours. With digital shopping booming, it stands to reason that promotional leaflets are also online.

Not too long ago, the most effective way, and also the most common, was to advertise physically. A clear example was the promotional leaflets.

With a very original design, the companies managed to capture people’s attention with their discounts, thus increasing their potential customers. Among those companies that made use of lealflets are Aldi, Lidl, Morrisons or Boots, among many others.

Now, all of them have transferred their physical leaflets to the digital field and platforms as Kimbino are responsible for collecting all these brochures in digital format, organizing them by categories.

The main categories in which it divides its leaflets are: electronics, clothing and shoes, motor and car, groceries, house and garden, department stores and others.

What can be found in digital leaflets?

Digital brochures are a type of promotion or advertising that informs consumers of the prices of different products or services and, above all, of the promotions in them. These promotions are usually price reductions or 2×1 promotions.

The leaflets are mainly made up of images and the texts are very short. Why? Because the objective is to capture the customer’s attention with a series of promotions on the product or service.

In this way, leaflets are considered part of direct marketing. The reason is simply: the consumer is reached in a clear and objective way.

What are the advantages of digital brochures?

1. Comfort

The main advantage of digital brochures is their comfort. With platforms as Kimbino, you can consult the leaflet of a multitude of companies at any time and from the place you want. No matter what company it is. You can find products and discounts in the categories of electronics, clothing and shoes, motor and car, groceries, house and garden, department stores and others.

Thus, you can be aware of all the promotions and save on your purchases without any excuse.

2. Respect for the environment

The use of leaflets in digital format avoids the production of paper and, therefore, future waste that contaminates the environment.

In this sense, digital leaflets become a good way to protect the environment. It is no longer necessary to print hundreds of leaflets and have them in stores. You can find them all in digital format.

3. Savings

Finally, digital leaflets represent a great savings for the companies that distribute them.

With this, distribution costs are eliminated, since it is done online, and you save on advertising costs. In addition, it allows you to make more striking designs for customers.

Now, it is considered to talk about some examples of digital leaflets. The reason is to learn a little more about what these leaflets consist of and why they are so beneficial. We will talk about three of them: Morrisons offers, Ikea and Samsung.

Morrisons leaflet

Morrisons offers are weekly in nature and they show the variety of supermarket products that are on sale during the week.

But, not only that, but it also shows the news and the most outstanding products of the supermarket sectors such as: hygiene, cleaning, food, home or electronics.

The brochure thus becomes an easy way to find the best supermarket offers and the most significant discounts, ensuring savings for your consumers.

Ikea leaflet

In the case of Ikea, thier leaflet works like a magazine with all the furniture of the season, specifically the year. In it, also, new products are displayed, as well as the great variety of furniture in the store.

The Ikea leaflet is also divided between the different sectors of the store, offering, in a very visual way, all those promotions related to different products of the company.

Samsung leaflet

Finally, stores like Samsung, that are dedicated to the electronic products, use thier advertising leaflets in a very similar way to the previous ones.

In their case, collect in their online brochure all those products that have a specific promotion or discount. To highlight the discounts it offers, the discount that the product gets during the year is highlighted in a big square, instantly capturing the consumer’s attention.

Also, they divide the magazine based on the products. In this way, the Samsung leaflet is usually organized by sectors: on the one hand, computers and mobile; on the other hand, TVs; and finally, home appliances and other technologies.

In certain occasions, include special promotions in their digital leaflet to get the attention of consumers.

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