Do you need professional gutter cleaning and repair?

Gutter cleaning can easily be a DIY job. However, there are some cases where you require professional gutter cleaning and repair as a DIY job would just make them worse (and probably costlier to fix). Here are some telltale signs that you might need to get your gutters cleaned and repaired professionally, rather than trying to fix them yourself. Make your life easy by hiring a professional to clean your house gutter. Don’t forget that if you require money, RixLoans can lend you up to $5000

Leaking roofs

One of the telltale signs that you might need a professional for your gutters is if your roofs are leaking. This usually happens when the gutters or downspouts become so clogged that the water cannot go through all the debris and instead starts getting collected on the roof. This collected water then starts seeping in through the roof’s foundation and makes its way down your roof, causing a roof leak. If you are facing this problem and are unsure about what to do, click here.

You can identify this problem early on by taking note of the animal activity around your place- have there been more rodents and pests than normal? This might be because the water collected on top of the roof makes a perfect habitat for these creatures.  make sure you keep an eye on your roof if you are worried about gutter blockage. If you start noticing splashes of water on your exterior walls, this means that you need to call a professional gutter cleaning service.

Shift in foundation

Another most noticeable change is when the foundation of the house starts to shift. This issue can only be fixed by professionals as it involves not only fixing the foundation, but also the gutters. This issue arises when the water is being drained either too close to the house or is overflowing from the gutters a lot and seeping into the foundation. If your foundation starts shifting, it can lead to a lot of issues in the long term, including cracks in walls, doors and windows not closing as well as basement flooding up. Shifting of foundation happens when the soil around the foundation as well as the main house starts eroding. This causes the foundation to start growing weaker and not staying in its place.

The flooding in the basement usually happens because the shifted foundation paves way for the water to start getting deposited in the foundation. shifting foundation requires professional help to be fixed. It is important that when you are getting your gutters installed, you ensure that the drain is not close to your foundation.

Growth of mildew or moss

Mildew and moss are invasive fungi that grow when there is too much moisture in the area. It also requires less hygienic conditions to grow. Both are offered by clogged gutters- the rotten vegetation that’s clogging provides the perfect base for the fungus to start growing. If you notice a weird smell or water splashes around the exteriors of your walls, there likely is mildew and moss growing. If you start noticing this, it probably means your gutters or downspouts are clogged.

Why you shouldn’t clean gutters yourself

We get it, it is very tempting to try to clean and repair your gutters yourself instead of seeking professional help which can be a little costly. However, there are way more risks involved in this process if you haven’t ever done it before or are not comfortable using a ladder while multitasking. Here are some of the reasons it’s not safe:

Risk of Falling

When it comes to gutter cleaning, you will have to either use the ladders or go up to the roof yourself. Both come with a very high risk of hurting yourself. Professionals are trained to handle such situations- they have expertise in safe climbing techniques and they follow the regulations for ladder safety, which enables them to clean gutters securely. Moreover, they also have the right tools needed to clean the gutters and repair them as well as the professional knowledge on how to use them.

You may cause more harm

Some gutter problems can escalate when not handled properly and become an even bigger problem or end up causing more harm. A professional will know how to handle these problems properly and with the right tools, preventing you from damaging the gutters or causing yourself any harm.

You can get ill

The dirt and the debris from the gutter along with the pest infestation that might be there can make you ill if you don’t take proper safety measures. Professional gutter cleaning services and specialists are aware of the safety regulations required to ensure that they do not get ill.

Moreover, you may physically hurt yourself if you fall or if your hand catches a rusted raised bit of the gutter. Gutter professionals know the telltale signs and can tell where there might be a potential danger. This is because they are highly trained and knowledgeable about gutter systems and fixing them.

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