Why a Doctor’s Office Is the Best Workplace in the Healthcare Field

Workplace in the healthcare field doctors office image 4994994What is the best place to work in the wide-open healthcare field? Allow us to make the case for the humble doctor’s office now.

People are entering the healthcare field at record rates, and it’s no wonder with the median salary of a healthcare professional resting at over $65,000. That’s close to twice the average income for all occupations. The healthcare field is expansive, making deciding where you’ll seek employment an overwhelming decision. Although not the most dramatic or glamorous, doctor’s offices offer stable careers with additional benefits not found through other employment options.

Find Stability in the Healthcare Field

The continuous growth of the healthcare field means doctors won’t be laying off their medical staff anytime soon. The care provided by nurses and medical administrative assistants cannot be replaced by automation.Because the work you provide in a doctor’s office isn’t numbers-oriented, you won’t need to meet quotas. This profession is skills-oriented, removing the stress of making sales to make income.

Benefit from a Less Hectic Work Environment

At a doctor’s office, you won’t need to worry about the stress of constant emergency cases walking through the door. Most appointments will be scheduled in advance. Even if you do have a busier day, you’ll know from the time you clock in. In some cases you can even look at the schedule days in advance to prepare for the few hectic days you’ll face during flu seasons.

Hold a Steady, Predictable Schedule

Medical administrative assistants can expect to work full-time hours during weekdays. They usually clock in at 35 to 40 hours a week. No long hours and insane amounts of overtime here! Those that opt for the hospital route for their career end up working overtime on a weekly basis. For healthcare professionals working in hospitals, shifts stretching for up to 14 hours are the norm. 

Develop Relationships with Patients

If you work in a hospital or an urgent care facility, you will be treating patients in dire situations. You’ll pour your heart and hard work into helping them achieve full health and then you may never see them again.

Most people establish with a primary care physician and stay with them for years. This gives you the opportunity to build relationships with your patients when you work at a doctor’s office. You’ll learn about them and be able to check in with their lives and progress at each visit. This connection to the patients you serve can make your work feel much more rewarding.

Know Your Work Helps Others

As a medical administrative assistant, you’ll go home with the satisfaction of knowing you helped people during your time at work. Medical professionals have a lasting impact on their patients by providing care and practical medical assistance. Even if the help you provide is a simple fix, you made a difference for that patient. 

Beginning in the healthcare field will afford you plenty of options for employment. Choosing a doctor’s office could be the best option for you if you desire steady hours and a less stressful work environment.

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