Does a DHI Hair Transplant Require Extensive Time Off Work?

Do you only get a few weeks off work each year for vacation time? Many big companies can be mean when it comes to paid time off. But, it is the reality for most people and something you have to adapt to suit yourself. Namely, you want to make the most of the vacation time you do have, enjoying your favorite hobbies, exploring new countries and spending time with loved ones.

If you have been experiencing hair thinning and balding, you may have decided that you want to spend your hard-earned cash on a hair transplant. Additionally, extensive time off work is not ideal. If you have been researching a DHI hair transplant, you have probably heard that it is minimally invasive. So, will it require extensive time off work?

The Surgery Depends on Your Needs

A DHI hair transplant is a largely successful surgery. The success rate stands at around 98 per cent. But, the duration of this surgery will vary depending on each individual and their needs. For example, if you have a receding hairline and hair thinning, your procedure is going to be faster than someone with extensive baldness.

In particular, the surgery will depend on the number of hair grafts. Those that are less than 4,500 grafts can take a few hours and the procedure can be completed in one day. If you require more grafts, the surgery might take two full days to complete. The key is to choose a surgeon that knows what they are doing, with experience carrying out a DHI hair transplant. This can ensure that the procedure is efficient and allow great results. Since the success rate is high for DHI transplant, you should enjoy peace of mind that you are going to have the transformation you desire. Spending time extra time finding the right surgeon secures this.

Healing is Quick

Many people are under the impression that healing from a hair transplant can be extensive. This may be the situation with certain techniques. But it does not apply to the DHI hair transplant. This is one that is known for minimal downtime since the minimally invasive. There is not a lot of damage done to the donor site through the surgery. Generally, the swelling will go down within one week and the healing will be almost complete.

While everyone is going to respond to surgery differently, most people find that they can return to work within a few days. This is true if you have a sedentary career, such as working at a desk. If you are going abroad for surgery, such as to Turkey, you may require an extra few days for flights and recovery from jetlag. 

If you have a more active job, you may have to assess with your surgeon how long you should spend on recovery. For instance, exercise can be restricted during the first few weeks. So, if you have active tasks and responsibilities, this might not be something you can do. Therefore, you can have this chat with your surgeon to make sure.

Washing After Around One Week

Some people are worried they are going to feel self-conscious after a hair transplant. If you do think that this is going to be the case, you are going to take longer vacation time than others. But, this will be your decision, and it will not be medically required for extensive time off work.

Know that with DHI hair transplants, you can often wash your hair for the first time within around one week. This can make you feel better about yourself and cleaner. Indeed, this can allow you to feel your best. Your surgeon will be able to better advise you on when you can wash your hair, as well as the best technique for it. Some people like to return to work when they know they are clean and presentable for the office.

If you do not like how your scalp looks after a transplant, you should consider taking more time off work. This allows you to adjust to how you look after surgery. Feel self-conscious is common. But, know that not everybody is looking. You could ask your employer if you are able to work from home temporarily. This means that you can get through your workload without being in the office. Being self-conscious is a distraction. This is not what you want in a fast-paced work environment with tricky tasks.

Note that you will be able to cut your hair after three months. This should be done with scissors, as opposed to a razor. Again, if this is going to concern you, have discussions with your boss to come to an arrangement.