Does Brand Marketing Lead to Law Changes?


Every industry on earth relies on digital marketing to promote themselves, their brands, and their products. The incessant need for new and creative campaigns has led marketing agencies and companies themselves to cutting-edge heights. From Instagram to billboards, the prize goes to the companies that get creative enough to attract attention. When it comes to companies that operate around bans and loopholes in laws, a good marketing campaign may even lead to legalization – or at least regulation.

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For example, looking at THC and CBD companies, the casino industry, or even the adult entertainment sector, these companies have not only found a way to thrive but have managed to improve their image enough to gain enough popular support for legal changes. Of course, marketing isn’t the only reason, as society becomes more contemporary – but a good marketing campaign can change a lot.

Cannabis Companies Use Marketing to Their Advantage

Although the legalization of marijuana seems unimaginable in some places, in the United States, throughout the Americas, and a few other places around the world, cannabis, and cannabis products have been either decriminalized or legalized entirely. Marketing and public image have always affected the laws concerning cannabis when in the 1950s and 1960s governments around the world began to circulate commercials and billboards decrying the harmful image of “marijuana cigarettes.” Nearly 70 years later, that image has changed enough to gain the support of the public, leading to major changes in the United States concerning legality, usage, and criminalization. Part of that public support is great marketing.

CBD companies are thriving as most governments don’t consider this a classified substance, which means marketing teams are hiring celebrities and Instagram influencers to market their products. Billboards, funny signs, witty magazine ads and the like continue to impact the younger generation and gain general acceptance.

Gambling and Adult Entertainment Continue to Dominate As “Most Popular” Sites

Casinos have existed since early human history, and yet many countries have banned the act throughout most of the last century. As internet casinos first came on the market, individuals were skeptical of the entire process of gambling on the internet and navigating local laws. However, casinos are a highly profitable industry that understood the importance of investing in marketing.

Although there are certain restrictions in Europe, the US, and India, companies have found inventive ways to gain public trust and support. From finding top Bollywood actors to become brand ambassadors to taking out tons of ad space online, casino companies are thriving. A recent report showed that Bet365 is the most recognizable company in India. As these brands become ever more visible, governments are beginning to either lift sanctions or revising their existing laws to work with the more contemporary views on casinos.

Similarly, adult entertainment brands have always relied on good marketing to keep public support. Considering that many worldwide large companies have been under fire in recent years for certain videos and content, these brands have regained support and popularity, partially by addressing concerns, and partially by running genius ad campaigns that capture the audience and regain their support.

It just goes to show – there are no unsellable products, just poor marketing!

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