Does Print Marketing REALLY Increase ROI

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Although many argue that print marketing is no longer relevant, Ofcom’s 2021 report found that 32% of people in the UK still read printed newspapers, despite there being numerous digital alternatives available instantly at their fingertips.

So, despite the obvious changes in print marketing that have taken place over the years, there’s no denying that, with companies becoming more creative with their campaigns, print marketing is still an effective way of increasing return on investment (ROI).

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It attracts a more diverse audience

It’s common knowledge that more elderly people don’t look online to connect with brands, meaning that companies need to take a more unique approach in order to reach these types of people. By promoting your brand through print advertising, you’ll be able to attract a more diverse audience that may otherwise not have immediate access to you.

In general, statistics show that people are a lot more likely to engage with print marketing than online advertisements which means that the slight extra cost of making print materials and distributing them is still worthwhile, even in the modern era.

It has physical benefits

The very nature of print marketing means that it’s a lot more physical than online ads will ever be. Print marketing adverts like leaflets can be taken home and read more than once, making it more likely that the messages in the adverts will be taken in by those consumers. Print marketing can also be saved and used as a reminder to use your business, instead of the consumer forgetting about the company.

If you’re interested in making your own brochures, consider investing in binding machines by Duplo to create brochures or leaflets that can be super valuable to businesses.

Print marketing is more personal

Depending on the type of print marketing you use, you can make it a lot more personal than digital adverts. This is especially useful if you already have an existing customer base or have people who are signed up for your newsletter, so you can tailor your marketing to each individual customer. There are two reasons this is good for ROI:

  • It will allow you to personalise your advertising to those most likely to actually use our product or service.
  • People are more likely to buy from you if they feel that you’re making the effort to directly engage with them which will lead to more sales overall.

It builds more meaningful connections

Similarly to how print marketing is more personal, the physical quality of printed media builds meaningful connections with consumers because it taps into their haptic memory. The high-quality aesthetics of print marketing gives it a more customised and personal feel which leads to a sense of trustworthiness.

Recent studies have indicated that customers are more likely to connect with and trust your company when its marketing efforts use high-quality print such as luxury brochures or flyers. As a business, gaining trust is one of the most important parts of ensuring that you receive a decent return on investment, and is something that is especially helpful for small businesses or organisations within the charity sector.

And there you have it – everything you need to know about how print marketing can increase your ROI.

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