Dog ID Tags – 5 Ways They Protect Your Pet

Dogs are mischievous, loveable, and completely adorable. There’s nothing in the world that can add to a dog owner’s joy greater than their precious pet. But, dogs, unfortunately, need to be protected against dangers, be it from traffic or natural calamities. Pet ID tags can play a crucial role in this respect. Here are the five ways dog ID tags protect your pet.

1. Unexpected Events:

Dogs usually roam around and make new friends with other pets or strangers. Sometimes an unexpected event might lead your pet into a bad path. With a dog ID tag, the message regarding the pet’s whereabouts, name, and contact can be conveyed in no time. Along with an ID tag, you can even consider a GPS-satellite identification device. If something happens to your pet, the device can be traced down as soon as it connects to the net and can save the day.

2. Stray Dogs:

Lost dogs visit the shelters in a flock. With most of them wearing ID tags, the chances of a reunion with their masters are much higher than those who are not wearing them. That is why when you’re dog gets lost, and the animal shelter people find him, they will immediately search for matching the dog’s name with the owner’s name. But, without an ID tag, you’ll simply lose that piece of information.

3. Legalities:

It’s always mandatory to wear an ID tag if you take your dog to the off-leash park, as it will help the owners locate their pets. Some states also mandate to wear an ID tag if the dog has a tendency to get lost. In any case, ID tags are a must, and what’s even better is an identification tag, which consists of a chip that can be tracked down from a database. Just like pets wearing ID tags, an organization or a pet shop can also be imposed a fine if they don’t wear them.

4. If the Worst Happens:

You are a very responsible pet owner. You take your pet for a walk in the forest every day and don’t let him come in contact with any unwanted elements. You take all measures to keep him happy and healthy. One day after your usual walk, you see your pet lying on the floor, non-responsive to your voice, and gasping for breath. You immediately rush him to the vet. But, how will the vet make an instant diagnosis without the information about your pet? Dog ID tags with phone numbers, identification, and other details written on them could potentially save your pet’s life. For example, in the case of heart attacks, some vital minutes can be the difference between life and death. Dog ID tags can save such minutes.

5. Preventing Straying:

An identification tag on a dog’s neck can clearly save it from straying and getting lost. A dog walking with an ID verification tag attached to the collar will quickly be identified as a pet. So, you can easily avoid many situations in which your dog may get chased by the police or by others to harm him.

Final Words

Nothing can be sweeter than a pet’s love. That’s why you have a responsibility of caring for it well. In order to maintain the pet’s place in your life, you should take care of it. It’s possible only if you add an identification tag to his collar. An ID tag not only helps you to protect your dog from getting lost or getting into the wrong hands, but it also saves him from getting hurt, too. So, get an ID tag for your beloved pet today.

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