Don’t Buy Instagram Likes Before You Read This

So you’re planning to buy Instagram likes and make your posts look better in terms of reach and engagement. Okay, this sounds like an easy plan to make all the viewers, brands, and followers fooled by how many people like your content. But is there a long-term catch of buying these likes? The simple answer to that is ‘NO.’ 

You can boost your social media status rapidly if you buy active Instagram followers In fact, many people do.

Even though the idea of buying Instagram likes sounds pleasing when you might find it had to earn those likes from real followers, this may not be as beneficial as it seems. Instead, there are plenty of loopholes, and drawbacks of buying Instagram likes that might be more effective than the benefit of getting those instant and numerous likes being shown on your posts. 

Don’t you get what we mean here? Well then, let’s go ahead and discover it below in detail.

Why Do People Buy Likes?

Whether it’s a newbie blogger or an intermediate-level brand being run on Instagram, there are plenty of reasons to force them to buy gradual Instagram likes for their content and gain that easy recognition/fame. This includes reason like: 

  • Desperation: for anyone who has already purchased a large number of followers for their Instagram account, it’s obvious to face the lack of engagement or likes afterward. This may decrease the value of your Instagram account and its content badly. To avoid this huge loss and make the difference visible, users often consider buying likes to catch up with the number of followers they’ve bought in the first place. 
  • Denial: so you’ve achieved 299, 499, or even 999 likes on your posts, but that’s the most you reach on every post you uploaded, right? At times like these, one can end up in the feeling of denial that their posts or content isn’t good enough to go any further. 

A constant flow of the same number of likes on most of your posts can make you think that buying more likes would help you also go, as there’s nothing more you can do yourself. Hence, instead of trying to make self-efforts, you might buy likes.

  • Need for a Quick Boost: often, at times, people want to buy Instagram likes fast and get an immediate engagement on the content they’ve been working on for a long time. This doesn’t mean that their content isn’t of any use. Instead, people consider buying likes as an instant content boosting option, instead of waiting for the organic reach to show up on their content. 

Why Shouldn’t You Buy Likes on Instagram?

There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t buy likes instead of working hard and waiting for organic likes from your followers. This includes:

  • A ruined engagement by buying fake likes through bot accounts. 
  • You are always in the eyes of Instagram. Hence, they might take action on your account for buying fake likes and followers.
  • Fake followers wouldn’t serve your blog’s purpose of turning followers into partners, circles, and money-making assets. 


With all this discussion, we’re sure that you’re clear on why you should be buying likes for your Instagram account. So don’t take the easy route; instead, work hard to achieve long-term benefits from real likes and followers!

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