Don’t miss hallway conversations while working from home

To stay connected to our employees, customers, and clients while out of the office, we need to figure out the best way to communicate with others. Major advancements in technology have been made in recent years – and especially in recent months. Due to the pandemic and Covid-19 causing almost everyone to work from out of the office, we have had to adapt and find new ways to remain productive and effective while not in our traditional workplace.

Unlike old times, where we easily communicated via in-person meetings, emails, and lengthy phone calls, we now have more tech options to allow us constant productivity while on the move. Instead of having to meet face to face, we can meet remotely with the new innovation of video conferencing and video communication.

For businesses that are looking to keep up with the changing times, they need to find the best video tech methods to continue growing, staying in touch, and maintaining quality relationships with other employees, bosses, customers, and potential clients. Video conferencing has been shown by numerous studies to boost employee morale, increase productivity, and enhance communication between people living in different geographical locations. Click here to find the solutions to missing hallway conversations while working from home.

5 benefits of video communication in companies – don’t miss hallway conversation while working from home!

First, what is video conferencing? Before we can understand the benefits of using video communication to help people stay connected, we need to know what this software even is. Video conferencing is the process of holding online meetings through the internet to connect video conferencing systems with individual users operating devices like laptops, phones, and webcams.

Video conferencing has proven to be very effective in all types of businesses – let’s see the main reasons why you should use video communication so you don’t miss hallway conversations while working from home! 

Expand the digital work industry

Video communication between clients and employees helps create a comprehensive and hands-on meeting area – even when you are in the comfort of your own home. Regardless of where you are using the video technology, conferencing software lets you still remain connected to other employees, foster relationships, invest in the culture of the business, maintain connections, and improve your decision-making abilities as a whole within the business.

Simplify the business by streamlining daily practices

Teams need to work together and collaborate on important decisions so they can speed up any executive decisions and ensure employees are working together effectively. If employees cannot communicate with one another, they will not be able to build rapport, figure out how one another operates, and increase business efficiency.

Collaborating with one another is made easy with video communication by using conferencing, audio calls over the internet, screen sharing technology, video messages, and real-time messaging through social platforms that make communication seamless and ultra-quick. By using a singular consolidated meeting platform online for only business associates to use, teams and employees within the company can focus on the most important tasks instead of troubleshooting technology or glitchy systems.

Enhance workplace culture and motivation

Today’s workforce prides itself on efficiency, communication, motivation, mobility, and versatility – all of which are made easy with online communication methods. Instead of spending time commuting to and from a workplace, which wastes your time, effort, and gas, you can simply use an online tech method that lets you speak with one another without much effort.

Bringing remote workers the chance to communicate with one another on collaborative group projects ensures they can remain proactive and foster better relationships. When comparing travel costs of commuting to and from the office with video conferencing systems, the technology of online methods is much lower than in-person methods.

Whether your company is made of all remote workers or you have traditional office-goers, you need to utilize video communication so you can ensure everyone remains connected. Make sure no employee misses out on hallway conversations while working from home!

Increase reliability in communication

If you are constantly worrying about your calls dropping or lagging, use a collaborative video conferencing system to ensure a reliable and trustworthy communication method. Don’t miss any hallway conversations while working from home with a reliable and smart online method! Video conferencing enables workers to securely and quickly communicate with others in various locations by providing a reliable alternative to phone calls and Skype.

Make sure when you utilize a video conferencing method in your business that you offer customer support and troubleshooting tips to all employees. As video conferencing evolves, new technology will come into play and challenge the traditional systems in place. With this new technology, you need to be able to troubleshoot any upcoming issues in the software to streamline communication.

Improve value and reduce redundancy

Lastly, video conferencing and video communication can help businesses by improving company value and reducing the prevalence of redundancy. By keeping every conversation and data sharing meeting logged into your company system, you can ensure that meetings are effective and don’t go over the same things previously covered in other instances.

Companies that upgrade their audio and video conferencing methods and software allow for a higher value conferencing solution than other single-use methods. Instead of having just phone calls or video calls, you can use a collaborative method to combine audio, video, chat, recording technology, and live streaming for a comprehensive system.


Businesses need to utilize video conferencing in communication methods so they can effectively boost their workplace product g and communication while working in different locations. Don’t miss any hallway conversations while working from home! Stay connected with your fellow employees and bosses while remote working in the comfort of your own house.

Using video conferencing has numerous benefits when compared to in-person meetings or solely audio calls. Video communication software allows businesses to reduce redundancy in meetings, increase the reliability of communication, rally company culture and influence the versatility, simplify management, and enable the digital workforce to become more productive.

If you are debating between keeping your traditional communication methods, such as email, phone calls, and texts, or utilizing improved technology, we recommend taking full advantage of video communication programs.

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