Doorvest vs Roofstock 2023

Aspiring real estate investors are often faced with a critical choice between Doorvest and Roofstock. Both platforms offer unique opportunities for investors to expand their portfolios with rental properties. 

Doorvest is Better for: Roofstock is Better for:
Non-accredited investors seeking a user-friendly platform for real estate investment. Experienced investors looking for a diverse range of real estate investments, including individual properties, fractional shares, and a non-traded REIT.
Investors prioritizing single-family rental homes for a more predictable income stream. Investors who don’t mind a variable property management fee structure.
Investors prefer a no minimum investment requirement, allowing them to start small and grow their investment over time. Investors are comfortable with a higher minimum investment threshold.
Investors who appreciate the predictability of a flat property management fee.

Introducing the Competitors


An online real estate investing platform that simplifies the process of owning high-yield rental homes. Their end-to-end service covers the entire process of purchasing, renovating, and managing rental properties –– making real estate investing a breeze even for novices.

For a deeper dive into Doorvest’s platform, its strengths and weaknesses, check out our detailed review.


An online marketplace for investing in single-family rental properties. They offer multiple investment options including buying individual properties, fractional shares, and Roofstock One, their non-traded REIT.

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Doorvest Roofstock
Service Type End-to-end service for owning rental properties Online marketplace for buying rental properties
Best Use Building a portfolio of single-family rental homes Diversifying a portfolio with various types of properties
Customer Support Personalized support throughout the investment process Standard customer support with property-specific queries handled by respective property managers
Pricing No minimum investment, flat property management fee High minimum investment, variable property management fee
Ease of Use User-friendly platform designed for beginners Better suited to experienced investors
Current Promotion MORE INFO MORE INFO
ModestMoney Overall Rating 4.2 1/5

Factor 1: Minimum Investment

Doorvest: No Minimum Investment

  • Roofstock: High Minimum Investment
  • Doorvest offers an accessible entry point to real estate investments.

Investing in real estate can often require a significant financial commitment upfront. Let’s examine how both platforms address this.

Doorvest makes real estate investing more accessible by not requiring a minimum investment. This approach allows investors to get started on their investment journey regardless of their budget. Whether you’re a beginner dipping your toes in the real estate market or an experienced investor looking to diversify, Doorvest caters to your needs.

In contrast, Roofstock’s minimum investment varies by property and is typically high, which may create a barrier for investors with limited capital. While this approach might be suitable for investors who have a substantial amount to invest, it could deter those starting their real estate investment journey.

Factor 2: Property Management Fee

Doorvest: Flat Property Management Fee

  • Roofstock: Variable Property Management Fee
  • Doorvest ensures clarity and predictability with a flat property management fee.

A property management fee can significantly impact the returns from rental properties. Let’s compare how Doorvest and Roofstock handle these fees.

Doorvest charges a flat property management fee of 10% of the monthly rent. This clear, upfront pricing provides predictability, making it easier for investors to plan their finances and calculate their potential returns.

Roofstock, on the other hand, has variable property management fees that vary by property managers. While this may offer some flexibility, it also introduces an element of unpredictability which can make financial planning more challenging.

Factor 3: Types of Properties

Doorvest: Focus on Single-family Rental Homes

  • Roofstock: Diversified Property Options
  • Doorvest prioritizes high-quality single-family rental homes for consistent returns.

The types of properties offered by a platform can impact the returns and risk level of the investment.

Doorvest focuses solely on single-family rental homes. These types of properties tend to generate consistent returns, making them an attractive option for investors seeking a steady income stream. Doorvest’s selection process ensures that only high-quality properties are included in their portfolio, further enhancing the investment’s security.

Roofstock, however, offers a more diverse range of properties, including single-family homes, fractional shares, and Roofstock One, their non-traded REIT. While this offers more options to investors, it also introduces a higher level of complexity and risk.

The Verdict: Doorvest is Our Top Pick

Doorvest shines as a platform that simplifies real estate investing for everyone, especially non-accredited investors. Its no-minimum-investment policy and flat property management fee provide accessibility and predictability –– making the platform an ideal starting point for those new to real estate investments.

Moreover, Doorvest’s focus on single-family rental homes adds a layer of security to investments by providing consistent returns. Their end-to-end service model means investors can sit back and enjoy the benefits of owning rental properties without the typical hassles associated with property ownership.

Roofstock, while also a solid platform for real estate investments, requires a higher minimum investment and has variable property management fees, which can be a deterrent for some. Its diversified property options can provide a broader array of opportunities for experienced investors, but could also introduce additional risk.

In conclusion, Doorvest stands out for its user-friendly platform and accessible investment options, making it our preferred choice for real estate investing. Ready to start your journey into real estate investing? Click here to get started with Doorvest today.