Drinking cocktails in space now possible, says Californian company

Drinking cocktails in space using a fancy glass will soon be possible, a Californian company, Cosmic Lifestyle Corp, claims. It is designing a Zero Gravity Cocktail Glass it describes as a “fluid dynamics and lifestyle experience design experiment.”

Co-founder, inventor, and Chief Operations Officer of Cosmic Lifestyle Corporation (CLC) Samuel Coniglio, said:

“This is the first of several domestic products for space we plan to develop. We want to make a life for current and future space travelers more comfortable. Interest in space travel and living off-world is at an all-time high.”

“Now is the time to reinvent the things that we take for granted here on Earth and make them work off-world.”

Space Cocktail Glass

In space, the liquid flows along the grooves straight into the drinker’s mouth, says the inventor. (Image: CLC)

A ‘parabolic sherry’ was once developed by NASA, and its astronauts have been known to take an occasional gulp of vodka – but enjoying a cocktail from a standard glass is impossible. In zero gravity, the liquid becomes sticky and clumps together in blobs.

If one of those blobs of liquid breaks, it splits into several smaller ones which scatter all over the place, making it extremely difficult to clean up.

Astronauts currently keep their liquids in bags that are attached to straws. The problem with liquid in bags is that you cannot enjoy the smell.

Space beaker

The company is designing several types of vessels for use in space, including beakers and cocktail glasses. (Image: CLC)

According to CLC:

“The Zero Gravity Cocktail Project is a fluid dynamics and lifestyle experience design experiment. We are creating an open-air drinking container that allows you to enjoy the aroma of the drink, yet keep the fluids under control.”

“Your mouth completes the connection like a straw and you can suck the drink into your mouth.”

The company says the attractive-looking glass has grooves that force the liquid to flow towards your mouth, in one direction. “It combines the beauty of a classic martini glass with the physics of space science,” it adds.

The Oakland-based start-up, opted to 3D print the cup so that its sophisticated design could be refined rapidly. Each design takes about 15 hours to print.

The International Space Station (ISS) already has a 3D printer, so the glasses could be printed at will, without any need to transport them all the way from Earth.

Drinking In Aerospace

Living in aerospace is possible and made more exciting with new discoveries, like the Zero  Gravity Cocktail Project. Who could’ve imagined being able to mix and match cocktail drinks and enjoy drinking them someplace where there’s no gravity?  Astronauts can welcome earth-like entertainment activities even away from home, drinking merrily while celebrating their galaxy exploration milestones.

Space martials can celebrate special occasions using space-inspired drinking glasses. Taking a virtual cocktail masterclass makes the aerospace cocktail experience more fun and exciting. Drinking in space can be quite different, yet amazing, taking an astronaut’s experience literally out of this world.

Quick Facts About Space Life

  1. What did the first astronauts eat-in space?

Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, was also the first person who eat there. He was aboard Vostok 1 in 1961 and ate beef and liver paste. He ate from an aluminum tube that he squeezed into his mouth. He took chocolate sauce for dessert and ate the food using the same method.

  1. What do astronauts usually drink in space?

They drink water while in outer space. Also, flavored drinks are available. Tea, orange juice, lemonade, or coffee in freeze-dried drink mixes are provided in vacuum-sealed pouches. The astronauts add water to the pouch through the pressurized hose, and then they suck the beverage through a straw.

  1. How do astronauts drink in outer space?

Water float away from bottles or containers in microgravity. Astronauts drink water in space by sucking water from a bag through a straw. The bags are refilled through a low-pressure hose at the water station.

  1. Can astronauts drink alcohol in space?

The first astronaut who drank alcohol in space was Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin when he was on the moon. Now, drinking cocktails is possible in space with the Zero Gravity Cocktail Project.

Video – Zero Gravity Cocktail Project