Dutch grant opportunities you shouldn’t forget about in 2022

We are now a few months into the new year. Fortunately, you are definitely not too late to think about your innovation projects for 2022. Is making your company’s assets more sustainable on the agenda, for example? Or do you want to give your staff a chance to develop further? Then don’t forget to make use of the various subsidy options. To give you insight into what these possibilities are, we have listed them below.

Investments in sustainable assets

Are you planning to invest in sustainable assets? Then it is important to check whether you can gain tax benefits. This can be done through the Energy Investment deduction (EIA) or the Environmental Investment deduction (MIA). The Energy List 2022 and Environmental List 2022 list all resources that are eligible for deduction.

Did you know that in some cases you can also apply for Vamil when you are eligible for the Environmental Investment Deduction? In that case you can deduct 75% of the investment at random, a good tip to check this!

Advantage when investing in assets without an exact description

The generic codes within the EIA and MIA scheme can offer a solution for investments in more sustainable processes or buildings, for example. Examples of these codes:

  • Equipment recycling of raw materials
  • New and innovative, environmentally friendly technology
  • Technical facilities for energy saving in new or existing processes
  • Production equipment for raw materials or products based on biomass
  • Technical devices for energy saving in or near existing company buildings

These generic codes do not indicate which investments are eligible for tax relief, but what purpose the intended investments must serve. What is important is that your investments are relatively more sustainable than what is common within the industry.

The SLIM subsidy

The Slim subsidy of LEAP was recently created by the central government. SLIM is the abbreviation for ‘Learning and Development In SMEs Incentive Scheme’. With this the government wants to stimulate learning and development also in the SME. The purpose of this subsidy is to make it easier to continue developing staff. The subsidy is available to entrepreneurs, SME companies and partnerships between companies.

From March 1 to March 31, 2022, it is again possible for individual SME companies to apply for SLIM subsidy this year. With this subsidy, the government helps entrepreneurs to create a learning culture in their company. This can be done through initiatives that utilize the development of your staff for better business results and better employees. The SLIM subsidy is a very popular scheme for companies. Anyone can apply for the subsidy, regardless of the sector in which your company operates.

The WBSO and Innovation box

Planning to develop your own product, service or process to make your company more sustainable? The tax incentive scheme Wet Bevordering Speur- en Ontwikkelingswerk (WBSO) reimburses salary and other costs and expenses for your own development. You can apply for WBSO throughout the year.

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