E8 Funding Review

E8 Funding is a proprietary trading firm that provides funding for Forex and CFD traders worldwide. This U.S.-based firm identifies talented traders through an evaluation process and then provides them capital to trade, assuming 80% of the risk.

To qualify for funding, prop traders must first pass E8 Funding’s evaluation. During this process, traders demonstrate their skills by trading with a demo account. They advance to the funding stage if they meet the firm’s criteria over a series of trades. Traders who pass the evaluation receive a full refund of their evaluation fees.

Once funded, traders keep 80% of the profits generated from their trading activity. E8 Funding’s innovative scaling and increased drawdown model give traders more capital and greater loss limits with each withdrawal. This allows skilled traders to increase their profits over time through compounding significantly. Here is a detailed E8 Funding review.

What Are the Different E8 Funding Accounts?

E8 Funding offers three funded account options to suit your needs. Before trading with E8 funding accounts, you’ll go through an evaluation to see if you can handle it. Pass, and your initial fees are refunded. Fail, and you’re out of the trading fees.

The evaluation assesses your knowledge and skills. Can you analyze the risks and rewards? Make prudent decisions? Manage losses and stick to a trading plan? If so, you can use E8 accounts to trade futures, forex, stocks, and more.

E8 Account

With an E8 funding account, 80% of your profits are yours to keep. For a $25,000 account, you can lose up to $1,250 per day, or $2,000 total, before you’re cut off. Once funded, your loss limit rises to $3,500.

E8 Track

The E8 Track evaluation process has three phases to progress through. Like the E8 Account, you get an initial $25,000 in simulated money to trade with, but you have 60 days instead of 30 to reach a $1,250 profit target before moving to the next phase.

ELEV8 Account

The ELEV8 account is designed for serious traders looking to scale. You pay $888 upfront for a shot at a $100,000 starting fund. Pass two evaluations—hit $8K profit in Phase 1 and $5K in Phase 2—and you’re in. The account’s built to scale all the way to $1M.

What is The E8 Funding Process, and How Does it Work?

The E8 funding process involves two main evaluation phases to qualify for grants. In Phase 1, you’ll need to show the potential for your technology to meet military needs. Phase 2 requires demonstrating your prototype in a realistic environment if selected to continue.

Phase 1 Goals for Regular Accounts

To meet the profit target for your Regular E8 Funding account in Phase 1, you must make at least 8% profit within 30 days of your first trade. You have some restrictions to keep in mind:

  • You can only lose up to 5% of your account equity daily.
  • Your total loss can’t exceed 8% from when you started.
  • You must trade for a minimum of 1 day. A “day” means closing an open position within 24 hours.

Phase 1 Goals for Extended Accounts

The goals for your Extended Account’s first phase are similar to a Regular Account, with a few key differences:

  • You can’t lose more than 10% of your initial account balance.
  • You must trade for at least five days.
  • You have 60 days to meet these objectives from your first trade.

Phase 2 Goals

Phase 2 goals reduce the profit target to 5% from 8%for both Regular and Extended E8 Funding accounts. Once you achieve these more modest goals, you’ll gain access to accounts with higher capital amounts. These amounts range from $25,000 to $250,000 or their Euro or Pound equivalent.

The Profit Split: How Does It Work?

E8 Funding’s generous profit-sharing model is remarkably advantageous for traders compared to other prop trading firms. The firm offers participants 80% of the profits from their trading activities, keeping only 20% for themselves.

This profit split far exceeds the industry standard. Most similar programs share between 40 to 70% of profits with traders, retaining a larger portion for the firm. By contrast, E8 Funding’s approach positions the firm at the industry’s forefront regarding trader compensation and incentives.

The 80/20 profit share applies to all trades executed through E8 Funding’s platform. The firm deducts a small commission for each trade to cover basic costs, then splits the remaining profits 80/20 with the trader. The more a trader profits in a given period, the more E8 Funding earns from the relationship. 

However, the firm’s share remains fixed at 20% to maximize the potential payout for successful traders. This generous and straightforward profit-sharing model provides traders with unparalleled market opportunities. 

E8 Funding Pros and Cons According to Online E8 Funding Reviews

According to various online reviews, E8 Funding offers several pros and cons worth considering:


  • Access to greater trading capital.
  • High leverage and Tier 1 liquidity.
  • Support for MT4/MT5 platforms.
  • Free trial evaluation.
  • Swift account processing.
  • Automated payout system.
  • Possibility of a funded account balance up to $1,000,000.
  • Up to 80% profit share.
  • Traders receive a full refund of their evaluation fees.
  • No minimum trading days are required for the regular account type.
  • Well-structured, fast, and responsive dashboard.


  • Qualification requirements must be met to receive funding.
  • Upfront payment is required for the audition process.
  • Limited availability of support, not provided 24/7.

E8 Funding Review Overview

E8 Funding offers traders access to high trading capital and leverage, enabling the potential for substantial profits. The E8X Dashboard provides traders with advanced analytical tools to inform strategic trading decisions.

E8 Funding receives highly positive reviews, with a 4.8 out of 5-star average rating on Trustpilot based on over 1,000 reviews. Traders frequently cite the platform’s cutting-edge technology, responsive support, and funding flexibility as reasons for their high satisfaction. To learn more about this leading prop trading firm and the opportunities they provide, click here.

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