Easily Customized Standing Desk and Its Benefits for Health

Have you ever thought of purchasing a standing desk? If you choose the correct model and customize it to your needs, it will not only adorn your office but bring many benefits, including immense advantages to your health and work.

How to Choose a Desk Correctly

There is nothing strange in the fact that every electric standing desk was designed to serve you in the best way. However, there are still factors that you shall consider when choosing an electric desk:

  • Shape and size: if you aren’t a lucky owner of an extremely big home office, these aspects might be important for you. And indeed, where can you fit a desk that is simply too big? Thus, measure accurately the space dedicated for your work furniture and check the desk models that can fit there.
  • Colour and design: you don’t want your new and, most likely, pretty expensive furniture piece to look odd, do you? Thus, check that its colour doesn’t look strange and its design is suitable for the office environment.
  • Lifting power: if you work just with a computer, you can buy any desk. But if along with a PC, you use other equipment, and that equipment weighs more than usual, you might need to check this criterion before purchasing a desk. It is better to ask a representative of a company for advice.
  • Noise generation: just check it if you don’t want to hate your desk later. While most actuators used for height-adjustable desks are silent indeed, we still advise paying attention to this factor, too.

Now, when you know how to choose the perfect item, let us have a look at how to customize and use your new item to make its use the most advantageous.

Customize and Adjust Your New Desk Depending on Your Needs

Buying alone doesn’t make any difference if you don’t customize your standing desk in the best way. Thus, let us have a look at details to pay attention to.

  • Adjust the height of your desk. You shall sit conveniently, the feet are resting on the floor, and the elbows are bent under a 90-degree angle.
  • The monitor center is at the level of your eyes. The tilt shall be around 15 degrees. If you cannot achieve it, buy adjustable support for the monitor.
  • The back and neck are supported in their natural positions. For that, a convenient chair is needed. If you have one, adjust it to the needed height. If you are going to buy one, check whether you can adjust the height and whether the chair has armrests and a headrest.

Don’t forget about accessories such as a drawer, an organizer, and similar. They will help you to keep your desk ordered and work more efficiently.

Use the New Item Correctly

While a standing desk alone can help you to slow down the weight gain, it will not be absolutely efficient if you don’t do anything on your own. Yes, we mean exercising. There are many good physical exercises developed especially for those who have to spend hours in front of a computer. If you haven’t been exercising for ages, start with simpler tasks:

  • Lift on toes: you definitely know this exercise, and now, you will be able to do it without interrupting your work. Just bring the desk in a standing position, and enjoy. Remember though that the exercise shall be done slowly if you don’t want to damage your feet. Also, it shall not be painful. Start with as many repetitions as you can and increase their number little by little.
  • Stretches: you can stretch your legs, arms, calves, back. Some exercises you can do without any need to stop the work, and for some, you can use your desk as support. For details, you can check information about exercises that can be done at a height-adjustable desk.

When you feel that these exercises aren’t enough for you, you can move to a more complex workout. Among more complex exercises, push-ups are the most popular. You can use the top of your desk as support and adjust the height depending on how you manage the workout.

There are many more exercises for those who work in an office. Consider though that the most complicated workout might be not needed for you. if your aim is just to keep your health condition at a satisfying level, a workout of medium complicacy will be the best for you.

Final Thoughts

A height-adjustable desk is a good purchase. It is beneficial not only for work. Though of course, working at a comfortable desk that can be adjusted based on your needs motivates and is just pleasant.

A height-adjustable desk is an amazing investment in your health. It helps to prevent and even to eliminate some unpleasant conditions such as migraines, sitting-related pains in the back and neck, obesity. Thus, if you still don’t have this amazing piece, get it now, and enjoy every day of work.

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