East Coast Electronics Recycling Shares Six Things You Didn’t Know About E-Waste Recycling 

Many people may not know it, but those old electronics taking up space in their attics & basements can be recycled, freeing up space for them and allowing for the repurposing of metals to manufacture new devices. Furthermore, e-waste recycling keeps hazardous materials out of the waste stream and away from our sensitive soil and groundwater. It protects workers’ health and safety & greatly reduces environmental damage from mining to obtain new resources. It also helps to reduce the extreme volume of waste that goes into our landfills (often illegally).

East Coast Electronics Recycling in Rocky Hill, CT shares six little-known facts about e-waste recycling and explains why your company, school or organization should take part in electronics recycling.

1. E-Waste Damages the Environment

According to ECER, e-waste contains many toxic substances that, when placed in any outdoor setting, can leach into the soil and water sources. Exposure to certain metals like cadmium and lead have been known to cause numerous adverse effects if left out in the elements.

2. E-Waste Affects Human and Wildlife Health

If not properly recycled, e-waste can not only damage the environment but it can also have serious impacts on human and wildlife health. The metals and gases contained in e-waste could pose risks to the heart, liver, brain, kidneys, and other vital organs, and are especially harmful to children.

3. E-Waste Can Pose a Security Risk

When some companies and individuals dispose of their e-waste, they fail to take into account all of the information that their devices carry. Hard drives usually contain sensitive or proprietary information. Rival businesses could access secrets. Hackers could access passwords and databases. Financial criminals could access banking information or personal identifiers like Social Security numbers.

Before you make a decision, it is highly important to choose an electronics recycling company that places emphasis on data security. A qualified computer recycling specialist like ECER Inc, or any facility near you, will offer this assurance through a DOD standard hard drive wipe or physical data destruction of your drives.

4. E-Waste Can Be Made into New Products

Reusable materials like gold, copper, and platinum can be extracted from recycled electronic products like computers and smartphones. Globally, only a small fraction of metals in e-waste are recovered through recycling. Instead of being repurposed, these materials are often left out in the open, unrecovered.

In addition to precious metals, glass and plastic from electronic products can be recycled and used to assist in assembling new devices. This includes the glass commonly used in smartphone & tablet touchscreens.

The environmental and monetary costs of mining for metals are high, and any reuse of precious metals leaves a smaller footprint on the earth.

5. Many Jurisdictions in the United States and Around the World Have E-Waste Laws

Business owners should inform themselves about the presence of e-waste laws in their local jurisdiction. Twenty-five states and many municipalities have strong laws mandating proper e-waste & computer recycling. Running afoul of these laws could be expensive and embroil a company in avoidable legal action.

6. Recycling is Easy to Access

Thanks to the work of companies like ECER Inc., e-waste recycling has become more accessible than ever. Whether it’s container service, live loads or events, ECER Inc. has recycling option to fit your needs.

How to Participate in E-Waste Recycling

First, assess the type and quantity of machines you have to recycle. After that, finding an experienced, qualified electronics recycling firm is imperative to make sure that everything is handled correctly. Bear in mind that not all companies have the same set of services and the same level of expertise. Choosing a recycler carefully will allow you to receive the best possible services and fulfill your environmental responsibilities. With over two decades of experience and offering a wide range of services to states in the New England & Mid-Atlantic regions, ECER Inc. is a wise choice for your e-waste needs.

Doing Your Part for the Environment

When your company recycles its e-waste rather than placing it in the standard trash stream, you can feel good about your impact on the environment and on general health & well-being. Simply put, electronics & laptop recycling is essential to preserve a solid standard of living for all humankind. 

ECER Inc is dedicated to providing simple, effective solutions for e-waste recycling. More can be found out about their services by calling (877) 537-9940 or by visiting their website for a no obligation quote

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