Easy installation and decades of durability – ask for steel fencing

Feel safe inside any premises with enclosures of chain fencing! Whether it is residential or commercial spaces, the use of steel fencing is a very common and economical way of security. Steel is a very durable and robust material for any construction. Therefore, from small animal pens to large football grounds – steel mesh fencing is perfect for all.

Cyclone fencing is also known as chain mesh, chain wire or wire mesh fencing. The chain mesh fencing is ideal for residential areas, school compounds, sport centre enclosures, multi-level parking, animal enclosure, industrial fencing and other security regions. Premium quality steel is only the material suitable for this type of fencing.

Wire fencing is perfect because it has a lot of advantages over other options

  • Affordability is the topmost advantage of any steel mesh fencing. It is one of the most economical options for getting security.
  • Low maintenance is another important quality of any cyclone barrier. You install it and forget it. Most of the premier quality fences last up to decades. There is no corrosion and breakage. The coatings help in a long-lasting appearance without the trap of major dirt and dents. 
  • You have many options available in wire fencing. There are different gauges, colour coatings and fencing sizes to choose from.
  • Growing plants alongside is a natural option. It is perfect for visibility, and you get privacy but with a 100% see-through option. It does not block the sunlight, and therefore, you don’t lose the light and warmth. You have the full benefit as you can see anyone approaching your area.
  • Quick installation is the most crucial point of consideration. You have the choice of self-installation by ordering runner type mesh or get one contractor to do it.
  • Easy maintenance is the last advantage but not the least. If any tornado, vehicle crash, or animal damages the fence, you would not have to worry about the fixes. 

Dimensions, thickness and quality check of the mesh fencing:

Steel finished chain mesh has galvanized coating that adds extra life and makes it a durable option. There are three types of coatings: standard galvanized, polyvinylchloride coating, fusion bonded coating wire. 

Every galvanize coating adds the thickness of the fencing. But if you prefer PVC coating over steel wire, it would require an extra layer over the galvanized mesh. There are various options available for you – light duty 2.50mm, heavy-duty 3.15mm and the extra heavy-duty wire 4.00mm. It also has three options – Light duty 3.4mm, heavy-duty 4.15mm and extra heavy-duty 5.00mm. 

Selvedge: The chain mesh style fencing is available in three main selvedge designs:

  • Knuckle – Knuckle (KK) finish has knuckled twists at both ends.
  • Knuckle – Barbed (KB) finish has a knuckled twist at the bottom and multiple barbed twists at the top.
  • Barbed – Barbed (BB) finish has multiple twists at both ends.

The pitch (diamond shape) size is in mm and has different sizes to offer. The pitch is the measurement of the diagonal sides of the diamond shape. As per the AS2423 rules, the permissible tolerance is +/- 4mm in pitch size. Even the height of the fencing is essential. It is best to measure the area for enclosure before then ascertain the size. 

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