Ebook Industry: The Latest Updates on Digital Books

Thanks to the advancements in modern technology, anyone and everyone can now enjoy reading their favorite books on their handheld devices. This is because hardbound and paperback books are already transformed into digital books over the recent years. Apart from this, there are also devices dedicated to cater to these digital books, making reading these digital books more fun and convenient for the end user. 

Read on if you want to know about the latest updates on digital books in the eBook industry.

e-book industry image 49083083938038408EBook Market Share

Over the past year, digital books made up at least 18% of the total book sales, with Amazon’s share of the market shooting up to 67%. Perhaps this is because Amazon is the brains behind the Kindle, which is a digital reading program that allows eligible users to download numerous reading materials. The Kindle has been popular ever since because most users found it easy to use and the costs are often lower compared to purchasing traditional books.

Decline in Online Piracy Rate

Over the last quarter of the previous year, there was a notable decline in the online piracy, particularly among the young internet users. This is because legal music, gaming, and video platforms, which became more accessible, remarkable became the primary source of entertainment, specifically for the younger generation.

As a result, the number of users of unlicensed sources significantly dropped. However, contrary to this trend, there is a marginal but significant increase in the piracy rate of eBooks. This can perhaps be attributed to key elements that users seem to find lacking in current legal platforms such as perks of unlimited subscription services.

Kindle Unlimited

The popularity of Kindle, as well as the trend in the piracy rate in the eBook industry, paved the way for Amazon to come up with Kindle unlimited, which is a subscription service that charges readers with a monthly fee in exchange for the ability to be able to download an immense number of reading materials.

The team behind selfdevelopmentsecrets.com provides a Kindle unlimited review that tackles into details the how it works, as well as the hardware options of the users. Not only this, but they also shed some light on the essential components of the service such as the library, as well as the customer support of the service.

Animated Digital Story Books

Another update on digital books is the availability of animations, particularly on storybooks designed for children. There are several studies that suggest that animated digital storybooks greatly support the learning curve of children. These studies suggest that the recall abilities of toddlers and preschoolers significantly improves when their parents or teachers read them animated digital storybooks.

ebook industry image 392892819819In conclusion, technological innovations made it possible for people to enjoy reading their favorite books conveniently through handheld devices specifically designed to cater to reading digital books. As more and more technological advancements progress through the years, reading digital books is also made more seamless and user friendly, ensuring an enjoyable experience for the reader. If you are fond of reading digital books, then make sure that you are updated on the trends in the eBook industry.