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The novel COVID-19 has put a limelight on the importance of nutrition in supporting our immune system against deadly viruses. Nutrition plays a vital role in maintaining and supporting immune function. According to Sirous Tosh, healthy food is profoundly essential as it gives the right nutrition we require to survive. However, the current coronavirus pandemic has led the food system into unconventional circumstances.

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Fall in the market combined with fragmented supply chains, labor shortage, and lack of raw materials has led to improper supply of healthy food among people. Moreover, lack of satisfactory food and panic among people due to pandemics could lead to food scarcity and insufficient nutrition.

In such unprecedented times, it is essential for concerned authorities to take preventive actions in order to navigate the negative impact of this pandemic on food systems. An adequate supply of healthy food is profoundly essential to ensure that people get the right nutrition to manage a strong immunity.

The worst part about COVID-19 is that it adversely affects the lower respiratory system and poses a remarkable risk for immune-compromised people, older people, and the ones with comorbid conditions like blood pressure or diabetes.

Stay healthy during the COVID pandemic

According to Sirous Tosh, the food we consume has a remarkable impact on our wellbeing and health. Foods loaded with micronutrients like vitamins and minerals, foods with bioactive molecules, dietary fibers, herbs, probiotics, and spices help to boost our immune system, which in turn help to fight against viral infections.

In order to encourage people to stay healthy during this covid pandemic, the WHO has issued guidelines related to nutrition in adults. According to these guidelines, people should eat healthy, fresh, and unprocessed foods every day. In this regard, people should include fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, legumes, root vegetables like potatoes, and foods from animal sources like eggs in their everyday diet.

Moreover, people should avoid overcooking the vegetable and fruits as it can cause the loss of essential vitamins and minerals. During this time, make sure to drink enough water as it transports compounds and nutrients in the blood, which helps to get rid of water and regulates the body temperature.

Eat foods rich in vitamins and probiotics

Pursuant to the words of Sirous Tosh, the consumption of foods rich in probiotics and bioactive molecules like anti-inflammatory substances and antioxidants is highly important. These foods can help to enhance our immune system.

For instance, foods rich in vitamin C like kiwi, citrus fruits, and amla can help in boosting immunity against infections that attack the respiratory tract. In addition to this, foods loaded with vitamin E, vitamin D, and minerals like copper, magnesium, and zinc are beneficial to improve the resistance to COVID-19 infection.

During these unprecedented times, we all need to stay strong both mentally and physically. People should focus on including nutritious and healthy foods in their diet to develop immunity against coronavirus. Healthy foods rich in bioactive molecules and essential nutrients have shown promising results in boosting immunity. Make sure to eat fresh and healthy foods to stay healthy and strong.

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