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Edgewonk is a customizable trading journal and analytics platform designed to help you become a smarter trader. Edgewonk allows you to track your trading activity and performance across stocks, forex, futures, and more.

Rather than requiring you to manually log each trade, you can easily import your trading history and statements from over 20 major brokers. If your broker isn’t listed, just let the Edgewonk team know, and they’ll add it. You can also import spreadsheets and CSV files if you prefer to track trades that way.

Once your data is imported, Edgewonk provides powerful statistics and visualizations to help you gain insights into your trading. You’ll get an interactive equity graph to see how your account balance changes over time, metrics like your win rate and risk/reward ratio, and the ability to filter trades by symbol, time frame, or P/L.

Edgewonk isn’t just a journaling tool, though. It also includes handy features like a trade simulator to practice trading strategies without risking real money, a trade planner to help organize your trading process and push notifications to keep you on track with your trading goals. If you are looking to join Edgewornk use coupon code MODESTMONEY today and save 10% off your subscription cost.

Who Is Edgewonk’s Target Audience?

Edgewonk is perfect for anyone actively trading stocks or cryptocurrency. Whether you’re just getting started or have been at it for years, this platform can take your trades to the next level.

Edgewonk helps traders of all experience levels improve their performance. For beginners, it provides an easy way to track your trades so you can see what’s working and what’s not. You can log details like entry/exit points, stop losses, take profits, and fees. Analyzing your trade history will help you make better decisions going forward.

Edgewonk offers robust analytics for more advanced traders to gain insight into your trading strategy. See your win/loss ratios, risk metrics, and key statistics to optimize your technique. Set goals and milestones to work towards, and stay on track with customized reports and alerts.

Whether you want to improve your trading skills or take them to the next level, Edgewonk has the necessary tools. With their affordable pricing, intuitive interface, and powerful features, any trader can benefit from this platform. Sign up today and start making smarter, more profitable trades.

What Are Edgewonk’s Key Features?

Edgewonk is packed with useful features to help improve your trading.

Trade Journal

The trade journal feature allows you to log all your trades in one place. Input data like your broker statements, and Edgewonk will analyze your trading performance, including metrics like win percentage, risk-reward ratio, and more. This gives you an honest assessment of what’s working and not working in your strategy so you can make adjustments.

Equity Curves

Edgewonk generates equity curves showing how your account balance has changed. Compare your equity curves to the trades and strategies you were using during different periods to determine what was most effective. Equity curves are a visual way to track your progress and find your strengths.

Trade Planner

The trade planner tool lets you schedule your trades in advance and set specific goals to match your trading strategy. You can then test your trade plans using the simulator to see how they might perform in the real market without risking your capital. Get guidance from experienced traders who can review your trade plans and provide feedback for improvement.


In addition to the tools, Edgewonk offers a wealth of educational resources to strengthen your trading knowledge. You’ll have access to a community of traders, how-to guides, video lessons, and more. Learning and refining your craft is key to becoming a consistently profitable trader.

What are The Different Edgewonk Pricing and Plans Options?

Edgewonk provides annual subscription choices, discontinuing the previous ad-supported “Light” plan and exclusively offering the “Premium” plan at $169 annually. This all-inclusive package instantly unlocks all platform features, free from ads, ensuring seamless access to Edgewonk’s complete offerings.

The Edgewonk Coupon Code

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To redeem the coupon code, sign in to your Edgewonk account or create a new one. Then, select a yearly subscription plan and proceed to checkout. Look for the field labeled “promo code” or “coupon code” and enter “MODESTMONEY” into that box. Complete your purchase, and you’ll have an annual Edgewonk membership for a lower price.

What are Some Common Edgewonk Pros and Cons Based on Online Reviews?

When considering an Edgewonk subscription, it’s helpful to weigh the pros and cons based on Edgewonk reviews from current users. Here are some of the most commonly cited points:


  • Highly customizable
  • A comprehensive array of features
  • Transparent flat fee structure


  • Absence of a complimentary trial period

Final Thoughts on Edgewonk

Edgewonk is an incredibly valuable tool for any serious trader. At only $169 per year, Edgewonk packs a ton of features into an affordable package. You get tools like an advanced trading journal, performance statistics, habit analysis, and strategy optimization. These types of insights can help take your trading to the next level.

Edgewonk’s insights into your trading behavior and performance can translate into higher profits. By tracking key metrics, you’ll gain awareness of what’s working, find your weaknesses, and spot opportunities for improvement. Edgewonk allows you to refine your trading strategies and make better decisions.

Edgewonk offers a 14-day free trial so you can experience the platform firsthand. If you don’t love it after two weeks, you can cancel at no cost. But once you start using Edgewonk, we think you’ll find, like so many traders, that you won’t want to trade without it.

Click here to start on Edgewonk today and save 10% with coupon code: MODESTMONEY. Why not give it a shot? You have nothing to lose and so much insight to gain. Edgewonk can help take your trading to the next level at a price that can’t be beaten.